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Review Date: 10/19/2019 | Author: Tom Y.

Comments: Friendly and professional

Review Date: 10/19/2019 | Author: Eugene P.

Review Date: 10/19/2019 | Author: Marion S.

Comments: excellent work and fast, they get in and get out!

Review Date: 10/18/2019 | Author: Mei L.

Comments: fast response, good job done.

Review Date: 10/18/2019 | Author: Cathy F.

Review Date: 10/15/2019 | Author: Vickie K.

Comments: They did a great job. Clean neat and for the amount quoted.

Review Date: 10/14/2019 | Author: Frank G.

Comments: n/a

Review Date: 10/13/2019 | Author: Mervat M.

Comments: Very efficient, they came right away and they did the job on the same day and I was happy with the results! Definitely I will use them again!

Review Date: 10/12/2019 | Author: Diann C.

Comments: They came right away and gave an estimate. Fine, but I had other companies scheduled to come as well. He lowered original price to a better one, did a good job right away, one & done. If I were able to clamber up on top of the roof to apply sealant to the flashing I would ve, but heights and I don't mix. Easy job, paid for what I couldn't do, so 🙂 although it cost me, it s done well. What are you gonna do?

Review Date: 10/08/2019 | Author: Nancy O.

Comments: Very professional services.

Review Date: 10/06/2019 | Author: William K.

Comments: We thought they were a bit pricey but fast response to our request and very efficient . They did an excellent clean up.

Review Date: 10/03/2019 | Author: Catherine D.

Review Date: 10/03/2019 | Author: Arthur B.

Review Date: 10/02/2019 | Author: Christine D.

Comments: They came right away. And replaced my flat foot and repaired a lot of edges that pulled away from the siding.

Review Date: 09/30/2019 | Author: Christine J.

Comments: Could not have been happier with these guys! Arber and Tim came to give us an estimate, and they did the job right away! Very friendly and professional! Highly recommend

Review Date: 09/29/2019 | Author: Louis D.

Comments: Best Choice Roofing and Chimney, Inc. showed-up in one hour after booking on the Home Advisor website and receiving a call within 10 minutes, then completed the job without issue.

Review Date: 09/27/2019 | Author: Joseph B.

Comments: Their team did an excellent job of re-pointing and repairing my outside fireplace and chimney structure. They called first, estimate was very reasonable, and the work done exceeded my expectations.

Review Date: 09/26/2019 | Author: Steve I.

Comments: These guys were great, called within 5 minutes, onsite within 45 minutes, job completed in an hour.

Review Date: 09/24/2019 | Author: Bob R.

Review Date: 09/22/2019 | Author: Kathy M.

Comments: Best Choice called us within about twenty minutes of requesting a roof repair estimate. They were also the first to show up, the next morning. They gave us an estimate for the repair and also a price for a new roof and seamless gutters. Our roof was very old and really did need to be replaced soon, also we had no gutters. We got similar estimates from two other roofers and after discussing all the options with my husband we decided to go for a new roof with Best Choice and I am glad we did. They were able to start in a few days. My husband took off from work to be here while the work was being done. In the two days it took them to complete the job they took my husband up on the roof several times and explained to him everything they were doing and why. They did an excellent job at a fair price. A GAF system consisting of rain and ice shield, architectural grade singles, new ridge vent, new flashing around the chimney and vents, drip cap where needed and seamless gutters on the front and rear of the house. They also did an excellent clean up. Originally we were not going to go for a new roof and only get the repairs done but now that the new roof is on we feel much better and know we will not have to worry about it for a long time. I would definitely recommend Best Choice to a friend.

Review Date: 09/20/2019 | Author: Catherine D.

Comments: Professional, competent and friendly. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend them.

Review Date: 09/16/2019 | Author: Sarah M.

Comments: Fast and courteous.

Review Date: 09/16/2019 | Author: Rob F.

Review Date: 09/13/2019 | Author: Christina M.

Comments: They went above and beyond the scope of work. Came early because the weather wasn t going to be good for my appointment day. Cleaned up all trash and showed me pictures of the work they did so I could see the results without going up on my roof. Highly recommend.

Review Date: 09/12/2019 | Author: Binmei L.

Comments: Finish job quickly and clean up everything.

Review Date: 09/12/2019 | Author: Jeanne P.

Comments: Respectful attentive knew what they were doing did not overcharge me and just all-around very helpful

Review Date: 09/12/2019 | Author: Martin D.

Comments: Came within 1/2 hour & completed job.

Review Date: 09/12/2019 | Author: Joe K.

Comments: Just a good overall deal, a good experience.

Review Date: 09/09/2019 | Author: Nancy & george B.

Comments: Courteous, on time, fair. Very professional.

Review Date: 09/09/2019 | Author: Zenaida M.

Review Date: 09/09/2019 | Author: Joe F.

Comments: very clean and very professional

Review Date: 09/06/2019 | Author: Jose A.

Comments: Very professional and informative.

Review Date: 09/04/2019 | Author: Anthony Z.

Review Date: 09/03/2019 | Author: Stacy K.

Comments: Very nice, and came within an hour of posting, but the price was more than double what Home Advisor said it should have been. They charged me $450 to clean and tighten up some gutters. I do have two floors but think it's still very overpriced. Nice Guy and he definitely knew his stuff.

Review Date: 08/31/2019 | Author: John P.

Review Date: 08/30/2019 | Author: Frank P.

Review Date: 08/28/2019 | Author: Alan F.

Comments: Got the help I needed.

Review Date: 08/28/2019 | Author: Bob G.

Comments: When I called them they showed up when they said they would. They looked at the job and did it right away. I was happy with there work and I would hire them again and recommend to any one. Thank you Guys.

Review Date: 08/28/2019 | Author: Linda V.

Comments: having them back for additional work very polite

Review Date: 08/26/2019 | Author: Eleanor S.

Comments: It s a family owned business that were; reliable, knowledgeable and so very reasonable!!! When I m ready for my next project of siding, I m going to hire them again!

Review Date: 08/25/2019 | Author: Dan P.

Comments: They were on time, neat and fixed the issue without flaw

Review Date: 08/23/2019 | Author: Robert H.

Comments: Very informative, professional and pleasant. Did a great job replacing our old chimney & liner. I would definitely recommend.

Review Date: 08/22/2019 | Author: Roger K.

Comments: Professional Team with great work! Highly recommend them for gutter and chimney repairs.

Review Date: 08/20/2019 | Author: James E.

Review Date: 08/17/2019 | Author: Gene S.

Review Date: 08/17/2019 | Author: James M.

Comments: Overall great

Review Date: 08/16/2019 | Author: Ellyn I.

Comments: Reasonable price and very friendly

Review Date: 08/11/2019 | Author: Diane S.

Comments: Came the same day. All repairs done and cleaned up after themselves. Will have future work done by them.

Review Date: 08/09/2019 | Author: Ronald S.

Comments: i would hire them again. very very efficient.

Review Date: 08/07/2019 | Author: Edward H.

Comments: - quick responce -very organized -nice people -reasonable price and i would use them again..........

Review Date: 08/07/2019 | Author: Stephanie F.

Comments: they were on time and very friendly and priced as promised

Review Date: 08/01/2019 | Author: Wil H.

Comments: Had them put a new roof on my shed and cleaned my gutters. Fast and efficient. They were done in less than 3 hours. Great job perfect work and absolutely clean. Good price too. I would recommend them anytime.

Review Date: 07/31/2019 | Author: Cassidy S.

Comments: They came right away and completed the job fast. Friendly and professional. Would use them again!

Review Date: 07/30/2019 | Author: Wendy H.

Comments: Excellent work! Done very quickly!

Review Date: 07/29/2019 | Author: Marion V.

Comments: They did an excellent job

Review Date: 07/29/2019 | Author: Maryann I.

Comments: The company was very responsive they sent a crew to survey the gutters on the same morning. When they arrived they were polite, they introduced themselves. I hired them on the spot they were thorough in cleaning out the gutters they cleaned up and it took only 20 minutes.

Review Date: 07/24/2019 | Author: Jeffrey W.

Review Date: 07/21/2019 | Author: John L.

Comments: Friendly and professional. Made a quick repair on one gutter that had been improperly installed 3 years ago. They were 45 minutes late, but Ed called ahead to tell me, so no harm done. I'd use them again.

Review Date: 07/19/2019 | Author: Kathleen P.

Comments: They were personable, reasonably priced, quick, courteous , informative and cleaned up after the job. I would recommend them.

Review Date: 07/18/2019 | Author: Andrew S.

Comments: well done

Review Date: 07/18/2019 | Author: Ed V.

Review Date: 07/15/2019 | Author: Kisha E.

Comments: Thay were great. Family owned business, very nice people. They fix the roof the same day I needed them to and they did the job quickly. I do recommend them.

Review Date: 07/12/2019 | Author: Frank P.

Review Date: 07/11/2019 | Author: Carl F.

Comments: Reliable, honest, showed up when they said they would, did good work!

Review Date: 07/11/2019 | Author: John D.

Comments: On time , fair price , they did a great job . Thanks

Review Date: 07/10/2019 | Author: Lynn F.

Comments: Was more expensive than I expected bu the job was done well and I was happy with that.

Review Date: 07/10/2019 | Author: Steve K.

Comments: I've used them before for other roof repairs. They respect the estimate provided and don't try to increase once on site. Quick to respond, available when I needed the job done.

Review Date: 07/10/2019 | Author: Vincent M.

Comments: very friendly and did a good job

Review Date: 07/07/2019 | Author: Ms. l J.

Review Date: 07/05/2019 | Author: Jasmine F.

Comments: 0

Review Date: 07/04/2019 | Author: Anne D.

Comments: it was quick

Review Date: 07/02/2019 | Author: Millie E.

Comments: Very efficient and quick, good job.

Review Date: 07/01/2019 | Author: Santa S.

Comments: Called quickly came almost on time and completed job quickly and efficiently!

Review Date: 06/29/2019 | Author: Ron W.

Comments: Great service fair price and professional work

Review Date: 06/28/2019 | Author: Tammy S.

Review Date: 06/25/2019 | Author: Mark W.

Comments: They were professionals, were neat, and showed up on time. We agreed on the pricing prior to the work being performed. Would use again.

Review Date: 06/24/2019 | Author: Gary P.

Comments: They did a good job and cleaned up after they completed cleaning my gutters.

Review Date: 06/24/2019 | Author: Elizabeth N.

Comments: fast reliable good job

Review Date: 06/23/2019 | Author: Vincent A.

Comments: They were professional and particular when resolving my problem.

Review Date: 06/21/2019 | Author: James S.

Comments: They were in the neighborhood so came by quick to give an estimate. Thought it was reasonable so went right with it. First thought there was a leakage but they were quick to tell it was overflowing. They did the cleanup in no time. I can?t tell how the job was done because I didn?t go up to the roof to see it but the job was done quickly and they were courteous.

Review Date: 06/21/2019 | Author: Kerri M.


Review Date: 06/17/2019 | Author: Joseph M.

Comments: They were very good! They cleaned up behind their selves, fast service, and good diagnosis on roofing.

Review Date: 06/16/2019 | Author: Joseph B.

Comments: Great service and great communication throughout the entire process. So nice to have good experience with a contractor for a change!

Review Date: 06/15/2019 | Author: Lorraine R.

Comments: They don't seem to value time. Said they would be at my home at a certain time and didn't show. I gave them 45 minutes then called and was told they would be almost 3 hours late. I told them forget it that day and they came on time the next day.

Review Date: 06/15/2019 | Author: Gary L.

Comments: Quick response and estimate. Scheduled them for work a week later. Was a little higher than what I normally pay, but they were neat, clean and done in an hour.

Review Date: 06/11/2019 | Author: Alice S.

Comments: Immediate response. Work was done the same day.

Review Date: 06/10/2019 | Author: Mark M.

Comments: They were prompt and got the work done quickly and efficiently. Would hire them again !!

Review Date: 06/05/2019 | Author: Joe B.

Comments: Great job at a reasonable price! Thanks!

Review Date: 06/05/2019 | Author: Edward M.

Comments: i had called Best Choice for my flat roof repair. Tim was very nice, friendly, and professional. He knew exactly what need to be fired, the whole repair took at least 20 minutes, he check everything out, gave us a 1 year warranty. we asked him about other projects we wanted done. He said Yes he can do it, the only problem was the price, not his fault, it was what we wanted to have done, we are both senior citizens and disabled, we had mentioned possibly a discount. We are fixing the inside of the house that was due to a house fire. The other things we wanted done, had Nothing to do with the fire repairs, Tim said him and his company could do it. But, the problem was the amount, we did ask for several upgrades. We will have to wait for now due to the price. We will use Tim again, for smaller projects. Thank you Tim for your help, courtesy. We would recommend his company 100%.

Review Date: 06/03/2019 | Author: Janice S.

Comments: I went on HomeAdvisor Sunday night, got a call 2 minutes later, and job was complete by 9am Monday!

Review Date: 06/03/2019 | Author: Inga B.

Comments: Eddie was extremely professional. He checked the entire roof, carefully reviewed the problem area and suggested the best solution. We interviewed 4 roofing companies, and we believe we found one of the best. Worked for us during holiday weekend

Review Date: 06/03/2019 | Author: Robin O.

Comments: They showed up when they said they would. They even came back when they said they would to fix the leak a little better. I was very happy with this company.

Review Date: 05/31/2019 | Author: Michael C.

Comments: Arrived on time, did the job quickly and efficiently and very easy to do business with

Review Date: 05/28/2019 | Author: Vincent D.

Comments: Called me back right away on a holiday weekend. Showed up when they said they would. Tim was friendly and did his work efficiently and was on his way.

Review Date: 05/28/2019 | Author: Jim C.

Comments: Very Prompt & did a great job. Will definitely used them again.

Review Date: 05/22/2019 | Author: Josephjo's & an A.

Comments: Very prompt,professional and competant staff.

Review Date: 05/22/2019 | Author: Blessen J.

Review Date: 05/21/2019 | Author: Steve K.

Comments: Reasonable price for the repair.

Review Date: 05/20/2019 | Author: Bill M.

Comments: Price was a little high but they came right away and did the job I requested efficiently and professionally. All considered, I am happy with the work.

Review Date: 05/20/2019 | Author: Shira W.

Comments: They were the first to contact me. They were very reasonably priced and did good work.

Review Date: 05/19/2019 | Author: Josephine C.

Comments: Best choice came the same day for an estimate and the price was right and cleaned my gutters! Very happy with the service and did an excellent job cleaning all the junk from my gutters!

Review Date: 05/18/2019 | Author: Deb L.

Comments: The workers were excellent. They promptly came to my house and if it wasn t going to rain that day they would have started the job. They came the next day and by the following day the job was complete.

Review Date: 05/16/2019 | Author: Ron P.

Comments: Tim was great from the first call.... Called minutes after my request, showed up that night to provide an estimate and then scheduled and completed the work within a week. While on site working, he pointed out a few clogged gutters and downspouts which they also took care of at the same time. Will definitely keep this company in mind for any similar work in the future!

Review Date: 05/16/2019 | Author: Jason S.

Comments: they showed up and called quickly and took care of business

Review Date: 05/13/2019 | Author: Mitch B.

Comments: Fast and professional!

Review Date: 05/13/2019 | Author: Margaret K.


Review Date: 05/13/2019 | Author: Ray W.

Review Date: 05/12/2019 | Author: Nelson S.

Comments: fast service, fair price, job well done

Review Date: 05/11/2019 | Author: Carl B.

Comments: tim and the guys worked very efficiently, would highly recommend them.

Review Date: 05/11/2019 | Author: Ernie C.

Comments: Very professional and did a good job

Review Date: 05/08/2019 | Author: Patrick O.

Comments: Very professional and courteous

Review Date: 05/07/2019 | Author: Linda P.

Comments: They came right away. Did a good job.

Review Date: 05/03/2019 | Author: Lisa E.

Comments: Tidy and efficient

Review Date: 05/03/2019 | Author: Lisa E.

Comments: Very polite, efficient and tidy.

Review Date: 05/02/2019 | Author: Kathryn M.

Comments: Tim is a pleasure to work with. He discusses concerns he has about the chimney, the roof, or the gutters, and he backs his concerns up with pictures he takes while you watch. He does not pressure you, but he is quick to respond if you feel the work should be done. I highly recommend his honesty.

Review Date: 04/30/2019 | Author: Brian C.

Comments: Great experience. They fixed gutters and repaired roof. Offered to just fix for lower price or replace. They were quick and efficient and got the job done within a day.

Review Date: 04/29/2019 | Author: Andrew K.

Comments: Prompt, courteous and efficient. Highly recommend!

Review Date: 04/28/2019 | Author: Robert M.

Comments: The kept in contact, letting us know when they were arriving. The roof doesn't leak any more. They matched the shingles quite well. We were not pleased that they offered for us to make check out to cash.We believe in paying taxes.

Review Date: 04/27/2019 | Author: Vincent P.

Review Date: 04/25/2019 | Author: Steve K.

Review Date: 04/22/2019 | Author: Carmencita M.

Review Date: 04/20/2019 | Author: M R.

Comments: The contractor was on time as promised and executed the work in by absence. I have no hesitation in recommending them!

Review Date: 04/19/2019 | Author: Matt V.

Comments: Immediate response, on time, and completed the job as agreed.

Review Date: 04/18/2019 | Author: Nick P.

Comments: Quick, honest, excellent service responding to my needs with respect while completing the job leaving no cleanup...that‚ s a plus!

Review Date: 04/17/2019 | Author: Doug L.

Comments: did great job

Review Date: 04/14/2019 | Author: Fran C.

Comments: Time will tell if he did a good job and the repairs are good. But he was there when he said he would be there and returned phone calls.

Review Date: 04/12/2019 | Author: George H.

Comments: The owner and his helper came out the same day and repaired the chimney at a very reasonable price. I have more work for him and will be calling him back again. I highly recommend this company

Review Date: 04/11/2019 | Author: Barry F.

Comments: I called them. They came. Their quote was as good as any other that I gotten that day. Eddie had the parts in the truck and fixed it right away.

Review Date: 04/07/2019 | Author: Stacey H.

Review Date: 04/06/2019 | Author: Mary ellen P.

Comments: Very professional Called me right away and sent someone within a half hour Job was quickly completed And he checked around rest of the house to see that noth8ng else was loose Would definitely recommend and hire again

Review Date: 04/05/2019 | Author: Bill C.

Comments: eddie is fantastic. no pressure guy. explains everything well

Review Date: 04/04/2019 | Author: Joseph C.

Comments: Nothing

Review Date: 04/02/2019 | Author: Victor B.

Comments: Eddie is a true professional. Did the contracted work, and then a little bit more (at no charge). Would definitely hire again.

Review Date: 04/02/2019 | Author: Dana C.

Comments: They were quick

Review Date: 04/01/2019 | Author: Joan O.

Comments: They are very professional and courteous and explain the project clearly. They repaired and then installed chimney caps on 2 flues.

Review Date: 03/30/2019 | Author: Margareta C.

Comments: Fantastic job....I called them on a Friday afternoon thinking I would have to wait until the following Monday...they came 20 minutes later and the job was finished 20 minutes after that. Good quality workmanship and step by step explanation was provided by Tim , who was great. It was a smaller job by all accounts, but they treated me as if I was a top priority. Will call them again if I need anything. I highly recommend this company, A

Review Date: 03/28/2019 | Author: Anthony T.

Comments: Came within the hour, settled on price and they began working. Did a good job

Review Date: 03/27/2019 | Author: Robert W.

Comments: Very reliable and quick service on emergency repair. Professional and explained necessary work in an easy to understand fashion. Would definitely use them for any future siding or chimney work.

Review Date: 03/26/2019 | Author: Joseph A.

Comments: good workers, cleaned up, thorough

Review Date: 03/19/2019 | Author: Christine B.

Review Date: 03/19/2019 | Author: Anthony S.

Comments: Very fast ....Good clean-up I would recommend!

Review Date: 03/15/2019 | Author: Joseph G.

Comments: Very quick response, work was completed the same day they were hired. Great price for the repair to the roof. I asked if I should replace the roof and they recommended just to repair the roof instead. Pictures were taken before and after.

Review Date: 03/14/2019 | Author: Terance L.

Comments: Quick Service Clean Great value for money

Review Date: 03/14/2019 | Author: Jean W.

Comments: They did a great job of reattaching the gutter.

Review Date: 03/14/2019 | Author: Ellen N.

Review Date: 03/08/2019 | Author: Diana G.

Comments: There are other companies that give seniors a better rate for this service..

Review Date: 03/07/2019 | Author: Charles D.

Comments: Did a great job

Review Date: 03/01/2019 | Author: Justino A.

Comments: I received a call immediately after posting on HomeAdvisor. After receiving an acceptable estimate I asked when they could come and take care of the problem. They came the next day at the agreed upon time. They were courteous, efficient and took care of the chimney problem promptly. They also did some roofing work that I was going to wait until the spring to have done. They took care of that immediately as well for a reasonable fee. Overall I am very happy and satisfied with Best Choice Roofing.

Review Date: 02/27/2019 | Author: Rosalie S.

Comments: showed up on time took care to protect floor surrounding the fire place

Review Date: 02/25/2019 | Author: Richard P.

Comments: I put in a request for an estimate, shortly after Tim called me to get details of the job. He said he would go by and give an estimate that afternoon. He contacted me that afternoon, gave me the bid that I accepted. Two days later he performed the work. He was polite, professional and honest. I highly recommend them. I will use them again in future as well as recommended to people that I know.

Review Date: 02/16/2019 | Author: John S.

Comments: They were friendly, professional and reliable.

Review Date: 02/12/2019 | Author: Dennis P.

Comments: He gets a a 4 only because he was late for appointment.

Review Date: 02/07/2019 | Author: Pat C.

Comments: they where very nice and did a good job.

Review Date: 01/31/2019 | Author: Doug C.

Comments: The workers that provided the service were professional and knowledgeable. The initial problem was taken care of and other issues were addressed, as well.

Review Date: 01/30/2019 | Author: Carol S.

Comments: Prompt

Review Date: 01/29/2019 | Author: Eva S.

Comments: Super Fast. Arrived in 30 minutes.Great price quote.Broke everything down and explained it to me. Excellent work.Even cleaned up debris around them that wasn't theirs.

Review Date: 01/26/2019 | Author: Richard D.

Comments: They came immediately to fix my vynal siding, and were done within the hour.

Review Date: 01/22/2019 | Author: Elaine K.

Comments: Guys were on time, work completed promptly, clean-up-all good.

Review Date: 01/21/2019 | Author: Jock P.

Comments: They were pretty quick

Review Date: 01/15/2019 | Author: James R.

Review Date: 01/14/2019 | Author: John H.

Comments: Came on time, did the job right ! Satisfied Customer !

Review Date: 01/14/2019 | Author: Marc M.

Comments: very timely

Review Date: 01/12/2019 | Author: Glenn K.

Comments: A

Review Date: 01/12/2019 | Author: David S.

Comments: They responded very quickly, were on-time for a review of the project and an estimate, and promptly performed the repairs. They did an excellent job. I would recommend them highly.

Review Date: 01/10/2019 | Author: Patrick M.

Comments: I had a leak in my chimney above the roof. I called Best Choice on a Friday and they stopped by in the late afternoon. Eddie, the foreman, went up on the roof, took some photos and showed me where the leak was as the builder did not put a proper cap on the chimney top. He returned the next day-Sat. to do the job because it was suppose to rain heavy on Sun. He and his crew were very thorough and capped the top of the chimney. In fact when Best Choice was there, my next door neighbor asked him to do the same job on his chimney which the crew did the same day. He took photos of the completed jobs and showed them to us. I doubt if I will ever have a leak in that area again. Great job, great pricing, friendly and prompt. What more could you ask for from a company? Highly recommended!

Review Date: 01/10/2019 | Author: John K.

Comments: Yes

Review Date: 01/08/2019 | Author: Laura L.

Comments: Rapid response Very pleasant and efficient We were quite pleased

Review Date: 01/03/2019 | Author: Jim L.

Comments: Eddie was very prompt and did a thorough job cleaning gutters and clearing blockage in downspout

Review Date: 01/01/2019 | Author: Dan P.

Comments: We had a leak in our den ceiling. We called Best choice on a Saturday and they can the same day The technicians were knowledgeable and were able to identify the cause of the leak and repair it that day. Their pricing was reasonable as well I would recommend this company to anyone in need of roofing repair work Dan P Plainview NY

Review Date: 12/26/2018 | Author: Gerald S.

Review Date: 12/23/2018 | Author: Dolores H.

Comments: Much to expensive to fix leaking gutter, had to pay for gutter cleaning to compensate his time.

Review Date: 12/22/2018 | Author: Kathy V.

Review Date: 12/15/2018 | Author: Patrcia C.

Comments: They were very thorough in explaining what needed to be done and why it needed to be done. They were very curteous & prompt. I can't say enough about them and their work.

Review Date: 12/15/2018 | Author: Richard R.

Comments: They were knowledgeable and pleasant.

Review Date: 12/11/2018 | Author: George F.

Comments: Great guys they work hard.

Review Date: 12/11/2018 | Author: John F.

Review Date: 12/08/2018 | Author: Norman P.

Comments: I had never used them before. I got them thru home advisor. They came to me in an urgent situation on Black Friday because I was going on vacation in a couple of days. They fixed a gutter and soffit that had detached due to high winds. Their workmanship was very good and their price was reasonable.

Review Date: 12/05/2018 | Author: Marilyn B.

Comments: Tim was the first to call after my request was submitted to HomeAdvisor. When he arrived for the estimate to repair our overflowing gutter, he quickly surmised the repairs needed and his price was the best. The job was completed the next day. The work was high quality and yard left clean. Highly recommend.

Review Date: 11/30/2018 | Author: Joe A.

Comments: scheduled came on time, called first. perfect

Review Date: 11/30/2018 | Author: Frances P.

Comments: Did everything they said they would.

Review Date: 11/30/2018 | Author: Francesca R.

Review Date: 11/28/2018 | Author: Christopher H.

Comments: It did a thorough gutter cleaning job.

Review Date: 11/28/2018 | Author: Jo N.

Comments: Nice guys,trying to make a living in a tough business.

Review Date: 11/26/2018 | Author: Elmer R.

Review Date: 11/26/2018 | Author: Daniel F.

Comments: leak was not fixed the first time but they did return and repair was done satisfactorily

Review Date: 11/25/2018 | Author: Jillian C.

Comments: Was quick and easy

Review Date: 11/21/2018 | Author: Mark C.

Comments: Fast and good job. Nice guys.

Review Date: 11/12/2018 | Author: Jack R.

Comments: Very professional on time for appointment excellent service

Review Date: 11/10/2018 | Author: Darcy M.

Comments: They came on time and cleaned our gutters for a good price. I would definitely use them again.

Review Date: 11/10/2018 | Author: Eliz M.

Comments: Very respectful

Review Date: 11/09/2018 | Author: Richard U.

Comments: Ran a little later the scheduled but in all fairness I am sure the rain didn't help

Review Date: 11/05/2018 | Author: Mike M.

Comments: confirmed estimate appointment and arrived on time. also arrived on time for the job. explained what was going to be done and why. pointed out a couple of things that needed attention, but weren't pushy. I was aware of one issue and the other was a remnant of a previous problem, so I was confident they weren't trying to sell something that was not needed. Overall, very happy with the job.

Review Date: 11/01/2018 | Author: Halldor H.

Comments: He was very knowledgeable and showed me pictures before doing any work

Review Date: 10/29/2018 | Author: Alexis G.

Review Date: 10/28/2018 | Author: Elaine S.

Comments: None

Review Date: 10/28/2018 | Author: Norman H.

Comments: They came late but they apologized, and they were very efficient.Might use them again for other work.

Review Date: 10/28/2018 | Author: Donna or al W.

Comments: They called that day and came out the next day to give me an estimate. Ed was pleasant, quick and efficient. My fireplace was cleaned and my chase was fixed that day.

Review Date: 10/27/2018 | Author: Bill K.

Comments: Great job, they showed up on time and gave a fair price. I hired them on the spot and the chimney was re-lined in 2 hours. Professional and courteou .

Review Date: 10/27/2018 | Author: Frank G.

Comments: Nothing

Review Date: 10/24/2018 | Author: Arthur S.

Comments: Very courteous,fast & efficient.

Review Date: 10/23/2018 | Author: Josephine F.

Comments: They came to clean the gutters which were filled with leaves. They put the leaves in a bag and did agreat job.

Review Date: 10/23/2018 | Author: James W.

Comments: great job . Installed new stainless steel chase cover on top of my chimney. stopped water leak from top inside chimney.

Review Date: 10/23/2018 | Author: Stephanie Z.

Comments: They called right away and came next day. They were very honest.

Review Date: 10/23/2018 | Author: Ralph B.

Review Date: 10/18/2018 | Author: Diane F.

Comments: Came on time and did job perfect. I felt screw gunning in about 6 screens for leaf protection on one gutter approx. 15' was pricey, $100 (took no time at all). Cleaning it for $50 was fair I think, I really don't know, but am glad I didn't need the others cleaned and screened. I have a tiny one story house, would have cost $650 to screen the few other gutters, not even clogged with leaves. I would recommend them however, they did the job right and wrote a guarantee for me for the screens. Will see how they hold up over the winter ice and snow....

Review Date: 10/18/2018 | Author: Robert M.

Comments: Clean up did leave a mess they were done on time would have them back

Review Date: 10/18/2018 | Author: Steven P.

Comments: Outstanding from start to finish , I will use this company again if the need arises. On time , excellent workmanship and cleaned up after themselves. Couldnít ask for more .....

Review Date: 10/16/2018 | Author: Tony K.

Comments: They came by promptly. After assessing the problem, they were able to replace the plywood on my roof, seal it, and reshingle all within a couple of hours. It rained the next night and so far my leak seems to be fixed.

Review Date: 10/15/2018 | Author: Madeline U.

Comments: Quality satisfaction and very professional. We highly recommend everyone to use this company.

Review Date: 10/14/2018 | Author: Bob K.

Comments: They did the job well, left the place clean and were friendly.

Review Date: 10/14/2018 | Author: Ray R.

Comments: they did a great job, already had my neighbor call them .

Review Date: 10/13/2018 | Author: Thomas O.

Comments: had several holes in my roof from animals, they came right away and fixed it, good service, fair price

Review Date: 10/11/2018 | Author: Howie G.

Comments: GREAT JOB!!

Review Date: 10/11/2018 | Author: Debbie E.

Comments: Very nice, would recommend them, good workers did the work as promised.

Review Date: 10/10/2018 | Author: Ed A.

Comments: Prompt, courtesy and professional. Arrived within 1.5 hours of speaking with the gentleman.

Review Date: 10/05/2018 | Author: Bill H.

Comments: Knowledgeable, courteous, very good experience

Review Date: 10/05/2018 | Author: Maria K.

Comments: He was very pleasant and did a good job!

Review Date: 10/03/2018 | Author: Jules W.

Comments: The cost of the job was a bit high.

Review Date: 10/02/2018 | Author: Michael L.

Comments: I called the last minute , and they came over that day. Very professional, showed me what was wrong how much you course and I do the work and was a good job and looks great came out great would recommend this company

Review Date: 10/01/2018 | Author: Dana M.

Review Date: 09/29/2018 | Author: Ellen R.

Comments: We had a very small job which took about an houró two pieces of vinyl fascia trim had to be replaced. Cost of $450 was pretty high but we needed to have this done.

Review Date: 09/28/2018 | Author: Christine B.

Comments: Great experience

Review Date: 09/25/2018 | Author: Al A.

Comments: Tim was punctual and very professional and courteous on the job. He took his time to answer all my questions and describing what work was being done and his work was quality work and paying attention to detail which is very important in his business. I also meet Ed and he was very professional and he was courteous and very helpful on the job and checking all the work over. I will use Best Choice Roofing for future jobs I can’t take on they were fair priced and quality of work was very good. I recommend them to anyone looking for roofing and siding work. They are a family business and have great customer service and are very neat and clean workers.

Review Date: 09/25/2018 | Author: Kara F.

Comments: The crew worked hard and left my home as clean as they found it. Very nice and hardworking! I will definitely contact them again the next time my chimney needs some TLC

Review Date: 09/24/2018 | Author: Mary W.

Comments: We thought we were going to need a new roof, but on inspection, we were able to go with repairing the existing tiles and adding tar to the valley that was causing water issues. We had a fairly heavy rain the following day, and no leaks! Workmanship seems excellent and the company conducts their work in a very professional manner. I would certainly recommend Best Choice.

Review Date: 09/22/2018 | Author: Tony F.

Comments: Work was done efficiently

Review Date: 09/22/2018 | Author: Cynthia J.

Comments: Kept in contact with me regarding appointment time and lateness due to current job being done and taking longer than expected. Very professional.

Review Date: 09/21/2018 | Author: Suzanne R.

Comments: They called within minutes of my Home Advisor request. Were at the house before noon. Offered a fair price. Clearly explained what needed to be done. Fixed the roof on the spot saving my living room from further water damage. They came back to take care of flashing that also needed repair. They didn't ask for any money until they were assured I was 100% satisfied. They even cleaned the gutters! Polite and professional. Made reasonable recommendation for future non-urgent repair, but no uncomfortable up-selling. No mess left behind. Would hire again if need arises.

Review Date: 09/21/2018 | Author: Maria H.

Comments: The gentleman arrived on time, gave me a quote and was able to do the job right on the spot

Review Date: 09/18/2018 | Author: David K.

Comments: Was quick in getting to the house. Changed flashings at vent pipes quickly and secured my roof from further Florence leaking.

Review Date: 09/18/2018 | Author: Jagpreet D.

Review Date: 09/17/2018 | Author: Justin G.

Comments: Originally hired for a cleaning on a colonial plus garage. Asked to examine a few drainage issues. Suggested a few fixes and was able to provide quotes for them. Added a new downspout for one gutter that wasn't draining and fixed all end caps with sealant. Quick ontime job.

Review Date: 09/14/2018 | Author: Leigh F.

Comments: Came in and did the work. Very fair with price. As I wait for a Rainey day, hopefully no more roof leaks

Review Date: 09/14/2018 | Author: Milena K.

Comments: Thank you to the brothers for being available and having all the supplies a week earlier than any other providers ! Thank you both ! Great quality work as well !

Review Date: 09/13/2018 | Author: Kyle S.

Comments: Fair price, nice work, you can tell they take pride in their work.

Review Date: 09/12/2018 | Author: Kevin S.

Comments: Hired Best Choice to fix my roof that had developed a small leak. They came out and provided an estimate for the work and then came out later that week to finish the job. They had to move the appointment once due to an existing job that they needed more time for but the communication was good. I felt the price was higher than I would have received from other contractors but I didn't get other estimates. Best Choice did say they guarantee the fix for life so that is good. Overall, the job was done very well and my roof doesn't leak any longer

Review Date: 09/10/2018 | Author: Lisa P.

Comments: When Eddie showed up to quote, he offered to do the job immediately. He also noticed a small repair that was needed and took care of it. I was very happy to have it done so quick and by such a courteous and professional person.

Review Date: 09/09/2018 | Author: Mike V.

Comments: Quick response and completion of work.

Review Date: 09/02/2018 | Author: James M.

Comments: the day work started they suggested additional work. witch doubled the cost. this was either do to the fact: 1. they didn't properly look at the scope of job, or 2. it was bait and switch? be careful !

Review Date: 08/28/2018 | Author: Lennox M.

Review Date: 08/22/2018 | Author: William M.

Comments: Very professional. They showed up on time, understood the problem, were positive they could fix the problem, quoted a price, we shook hands and they were on the roof in 30 seconds. These are the guys for me for any related work that they handle. Thanks Best Choice!

Review Date: 08/20/2018 | Author: Bob D.

Comments: Prompt, professional service

Review Date: 08/19/2018 | Author: Ellen j M.

Comments: Wonderful company to work with! Very professional and not pushy!

Review Date: 08/19/2018 | Author: Katherine C.

Comments: Prompt, professional and thorough. Couldn't have asked for a politer young man.

Review Date: 08/18/2018 | Author: Brian S.

Comments: Fast and efficient. Gave me a good price to realign two long gutters on my house. Will check with them first for future roofing work.

Review Date: 08/17/2018 | Author: Artie W.

Comments: Best choice met my schedule and exceeded my expectations, great job and cleaned property like they were never there. Great company.

Review Date: 08/14/2018 | Author: Amedeo G.

Comments: Don't hesitate to use them

Review Date: 08/14/2018 | Author: Sachin U.

Comments: good guys, showed up on time, charged me 150 for gutter cleaning

Review Date: 08/14/2018 | Author: Nick P.

Comments: Good work but higher priced

Review Date: 08/12/2018 | Author: Judy S.

Comments: they were friendly, professional and on time.

Review Date: 08/09/2018 | Author: M R.

Comments: Very professional in execution. The work was completed in a timely manner.

Review Date: 08/07/2018 | Author: Ian S.

Review Date: 08/05/2018 | Author: Christopher A.

Comments: They showed up quickly, gave a very fair price, and knocked out the job immediately!

Review Date: 08/04/2018 | Author: Michael T.

Comments: super fast service, cleaned our gutters in 30 minutes. I would recommend them to anyone in the area.

Review Date: 08/04/2018 | Author: Robert F.

Comments: Quickly responded to my request. Gave estimate and did the job the same day. Even pointed out roof shingle problem that needed attention before it cause a leak.

Review Date: 08/02/2018 | Author: Dan B.

Comments: Very responsive, quickly completed job after minor negotiation. Will use them again.

Review Date: 08/02/2018 | Author: Barbara H.

Review Date: 08/01/2018 | Author: Michele H.

Comments: "They did a great job and I would use them again".

Review Date: 07/31/2018 | Author: James R.

Comments: Great honest sincere professional, Tim work quickly and completed job faster than others would while still delivering quality work,

Review Date: 07/31/2018 | Author: Rosanne W.

Comments: Very fast service. Nice family business. Expensive. Did trim repair 4 feet long for 200. Twice what it should have been took him less than 10 minutes.

Review Date: 07/27/2018 | Author: Bernadette C.

Comments: Great service. Tim very good. Work was excellent. They repaired leak in roof and also installed chimney liner and chimney top. They also cleaned up nicely. Would recommend.

Review Date: 07/24/2018 | Author: Derek R.

Comments: Did a great job will hire again.

Review Date: 07/23/2018 | Author: Lois T.

Comments: Very polite and helped me make informed decisions.

Review Date: 07/23/2018 | Author: Barbara S.

Comments: Great Service.

Review Date: 07/23/2018 | Author: Al V.

Comments: Fast & efficient gutter cleaning...

Review Date: 07/20/2018 | Author: Nancy Y.

Comments: i was very pleased with the roof repair. they were able to do it immediately plus they noticed i needed a chimney cap which they installed.

Review Date: 07/20/2018 | Author: John P.

Comments: Itís a family Business and they work well together they finished the job in one day

Review Date: 07/20/2018 | Author: Robert W.

Comments: Fairprice for the work accomplished on my garage roof.

Review Date: 07/19/2018 | Author: Keith S.

Comments: Although they arrived a couple of hours late, they did a quick thorough job of cleaning my gutters for a fair price. I recommend them to others and would use them again.

Review Date: 07/16/2018 | Author: Eleanor S.

Comments: Very professional. Skilled at his job. Very p!easant. Reasonably priced for services rendered.

Review Date: 07/15/2018 | Author: Ray H.

Comments: Very satisfied with the performance of this company. They worked efficiently, and their price was fair. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Review Date: 07/15/2018 | Author: Charles L.

Comments: Very punctual and neat. When they left you would not have even known they worked for several hours. Price was right and very friendly. ūüĎćūüŹľ

Review Date: 07/14/2018 | Author: Chris B.

Review Date: 07/13/2018 | Author: Tom T.

Comments: Came within an hour, Gave me an estimate , we negotiate the price and they completed the work within an 1 and half. did a excellent job and I didn't have to clean any debris on my vinyl siding. This was especial difficult as my leaves were loaded in the gutters and on gutter in the back of my house had not been cleaned for a =while.

Review Date: 07/12/2018 | Author: Ronald G.

Comments: They did their work very well. They called saying there was delay. Very clean.

Review Date: 07/11/2018 | Author: Heinz M.

Comments: They did a great job. Came at the appointed time and finished the job quickly and provided good maintenance recommendations for the future.

Review Date: 07/03/2018 | Author: Sam K.

Comments: excellent, quick, fair price

Review Date: 07/03/2018 | Author: Linda B.

Comments: Gutters were cleaned same day and roof was blown clean as well . Very happy with quick response time and effort taken . Would highly recommend

Review Date: 07/02/2018 | Author: Robert S.

Comments: He was very professional and neat. He was courteous and corrected a problem with our chimney. Pat D. P.

Review Date: 07/01/2018 | Author: Dilya S.

Comments: Fast estimates, quick service. Show up on time and job well done.

Review Date: 06/29/2018 | Author: Frederick B.

Comments: They showed up promptly, were efficient and polite and competitive in price

Review Date: 06/28/2018 | Author: Roger N.

Comments: I really canít rate the quality since itís only been a week and itíll take longer to evaluate vinyl siding repairs. But the technician came quickly, worked

Review Date: 06/26/2018 | Author: Phyllis L.

Review Date: 06/24/2018 | Author: Michael D.

Comments: Ed and Tim were very nice, on time and did what they said they would. Reasonable price Fair. Look no further

Review Date: 06/22/2018 | Author: Richard V.

Comments: Four across the board!

Review Date: 06/21/2018 | Author: Cathy H.

Comments: completed work quickly and at a good price

Review Date: 06/21/2018 | Author: Susan C.

Comments: This company is very professional. I had new seamless gutters and leaders installed. They also cleaned my roof. They finished the job in 2 days and did a thorough cleanup each day. I am very pleased with the job they did! This is a family owned and run company; very pleasant to work with.

Review Date: 06/19/2018 | Author: Brad W.

Comments: They were prompt, responsive, and did a thorough and professional job.

Review Date: 06/16/2018 | Author: Karen R.

Comments: Great job! Very professional. Returned calls promptly. Communications excellent. Will hire again.

Review Date: 06/14/2018 | Author: Nancy C.

Comments: It cost more than I had anticipated but they did a good job.

Review Date: 06/14/2018 | Author: Roland F.

Comments: very professional

Review Date: 06/12/2018 | Author: James L.

Review Date: 06/12/2018 | Author: Christine G.

Comments: Great job, came for a free estimate, we agreed on a price and the work was done on the spot. He also called when he was running late, which I really appreciated. I would use them again!

Review Date: 06/11/2018 | Author: David S.

Comments: Great job-fast clean and affordable

Review Date: 06/08/2018 | Author: John B.

Comments: They were prompt and neat but overpriced. I only hired them because of time constraint and no one else showed up.

Review Date: 06/08/2018 | Author: Ana maria G.

Comments: Great service

Review Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: Ed P.

Comments: Very professional. Showed up as planned and repaired roof on time and budget. Very impressed with the way they cleaned up after completing the job. Would definitely used them again and would recommend them to anyone needing roof work.

Review Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: Ch M.

Comments: Worked quickly and efficiently

Review Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: Jay P.

Comments: responded quickly

Review Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: Debbie J.

Comments: Quick response, excellent work and cleaned up everything.

Review Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: Brian W.

Comments: Prompt and personable

Review Date: 06/04/2018 | Author: Justin B.

Comments: Eddie is responsive, timely, and reasonably priced. He has replaced my ridge caps for my roof in the past and now I regularly use him to have my gutters cleaned. He is quick and bags up his work. Would recommend and possibly even consider having him replace my roof when the time comes.

Review Date: 06/03/2018 | Author: William G.

Comments: They responded to inquiry as fast one humanly possible and did excellent work.

Review Date: 06/02/2018 | Author: Belinda D.

Comments: Very prompt, reliable, and courteous. They completed work efficiently and left work area clean and orderly. Their price is very reasonable; I actually got another estimate for more than double his price. Won't have second thoughts about hiring them again.

Review Date: 06/02/2018 | Author: Barry R.

Comments: Fast easy and on budget. I will use them again for sure.

Review Date: 05/28/2018 | Author: Jerry M.

Comments: Showed up immediately Very good work Respectful and courteous

Review Date: 05/28/2018 | Author: William S.

Comments: Great job cleaning and repiaring my gutters. Prompt service ( able to come within an hour of contacting them). A bit pricey at $350 for 3 hours of work.

Review Date: 05/26/2018 | Author: Jody M.

Comments: Honest, quick, efficient and thorough. Recommended and would use again.

Review Date: 05/26/2018 | Author: Gerard K.

Comments: Great customer service and a quality work product

Review Date: 05/24/2018 | Author: Jim W.

Comments: Nice guys, quick and efficient. A bit pricey but I wanted it done right away so I agreed to it. Overall good experience.

Review Date: 05/24/2018 | Author: Kathryn K.

Comments: awesome

Review Date: 05/23/2018 | Author: Ken K.

Comments: Did a good job he will rehire him

Review Date: 05/23/2018 | Author: Janice P.

Review Date: 05/21/2018 | Author: Dave M.

Comments: Prompt - great communication, able to do the repair same day!

Review Date: 05/20/2018 | Author: Chris P.

Review Date: 05/15/2018 | Author: Josdeph L.

Comments: reliable

Review Date: 05/13/2018 | Author: Michelle G.

Review Date: 05/13/2018 | Author: Joann S.

Comments: They called within minutes of my inquiry and arrived within 20 minutes to look at the job. The repair was completed in 2 hours. They were very professional and courteous. I highly recommend them.

Review Date: 05/13/2018 | Author: Pete W.

Comments: They came and did the job, was all done in a 1/2 hour

Review Date: 05/13/2018 | Author: Karen M.

Comments: Nice people

Review Date: 05/12/2018 | Author: Debora A.

Comments: Work completed on time, my siding looks great he found a siding on my roof that was missing and fixed it for a good rate will Def hire them to fix my chimney in the fall

Review Date: 05/12/2018 | Author: Michelle F.

Review Date: 05/08/2018 | Author: Dawn F.

Comments: Arrived on time and got the work done on the same day as the price quote. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to my family and friends!

Review Date: 05/04/2018 | Author: Sam H.

Comments: Called to confirm appointment

Review Date: 05/04/2018 | Author: Lauren A.

Comments: He was very polite.

Review Date: 04/30/2018 | Author: Susan C.

Comments: ...

Review Date: 04/28/2018 | Author: Frank C.


Review Date: 04/25/2018 | Author: Bob C.

Review Date: 04/22/2018 | Author: Mel H.

Comments: Hired Best Choice for gutter cleaning, shingle replacement. The job was done efficiently and at a great price. Tim arrived punctually and he was very professional, as well as informative. Highly recommended if you want a great job done without breaking the bank !

Review Date: 04/20/2018 | Author: Candace C.

Review Date: 04/20/2018 | Author: Anthony J.

Comments: This company was timely and mostly gave personal attention. The job was excellent except for them leaving a couple of heavy construction bags of debris in my regular household garbage cans. I had to take them to the dump myself.

Review Date: 04/19/2018 | Author: Michael L.

Comments: Honest, hard-working, professional

Review Date: 04/18/2018 | Author: Eric K.

Comments: Quick response.

Review Date: 04/18/2018 | Author: Eileen L.

Comments: Workers were well prepared for the job and were efficient and fast.

Review Date: 04/18/2018 | Author: Anand P.

Comments: Eddy and his partner showed up the very next morning and fixed one of my sidings. So far so good!

Review Date: 04/13/2018 | Author: Michael V.

Comments: Nice guy

Review Date: 04/12/2018 | Author: Douglas S.

Comments: They were able to do work same day and were very professional.

Review Date: 04/12/2018 | Author: Charles N.

Comments: Great guys, willing to work with you.

Review Date: 04/10/2018 | Author: Gina S.

Review Date: 04/09/2018 | Author: Gregg O.

Comments: Responding very quickly, showed up on time, finished on time, very fair pricing.

Review Date: 04/07/2018 | Author: Vlad C.

Comments: Fast response and great price!

Review Date: 04/03/2018 | Author: Teresa M.

Comments: Great price and friendly!

Review Date: 04/03/2018 | Author: George F.

Comments: You need to bargain with them to reduce the price.

Review Date: 04/02/2018 | Author: Irene G.

Comments: They found roof did not overhang cutter I had them add shingles. They also found missing shingles and tard and corked chimney plus. Cost a lot more than planned but they took pictures of problems repair needed.

Review Date: 03/27/2018 | Author: Barbara D.

Comments: The response was fast, service was fast and professional. They had to remove snow and ice from the gutters of a church and got it done before the nex storm. Communication was excellent.

Review Date: 03/27/2018 | Author: Michael S.

Comments: Best Choice was quick to respond, courteous, and professional.

Review Date: 03/25/2018 | Author: Joseph M.

Comments: These guys did a great job and was very accommodating. We will definitely use them again.

Review Date: 03/24/2018 | Author: Carol D.

Comments: I would recommend this company. They came on time did a good job and was efficient. Carol D

Review Date: 03/23/2018 | Author: Georgianne N.

Comments: n/a

Review Date: 03/21/2018 | Author: Margaret R.

Review Date: 03/19/2018 | Author: Tara F.

Comments: Really helped us out quickly and efficiently.

Review Date: 03/18/2018 | Author: Peter C.

Comments: I hired him to fix some shingles that had blown loose during a storm and he did that and also repaired some siding that had blown loose as well. Very friendly and helpful.

Review Date: 03/13/2018 | Author: Nancy B.

Comments: The contractors were extremely professional and so sweet! They came by right away and made minor repairs on the spot before the storm before the larger repair.

Review Date: 03/13/2018 | Author: James T.

Comments: Professional

Review Date: 03/12/2018 | Author: Laura S.

Comments: Honest, did work quickly and efficiently. Great price!

Review Date: 03/12/2018 | Author: Robert R.

Comments: Arrived the next morning after giving estimate for siding and trim repair that was damaged during winter storm. Professional technician, repairs to siding and trim completed in a timely manner. Also had them do a chimney sweep while there. Would recommend and use again.

Review Date: 03/12/2018 | Author: Joe & nancy D.

Comments: We just needed our gutters repaired/supported better since they were coming away from the house after the winter storm we just had. The guys came, gave us the quote, and were able to do the repair work at the same visit. We were very satisfied with this experience.

Review Date: 03/06/2018 | Author: Mario A.

Comments: They were great got it done in a timely manner

Review Date: 03/06/2018 | Author: Shaun H.

Comments: Great service gave me a competitive estimate with other companies than offered to do it right than and there. When I said I didnít have much time he gave a new offer which was very hard to say no to with the same great service. Highly recommend and I will definitely be using them in the future.

Review Date: 03/03/2018 | Author: James R.

Comments: Showed up on time, took extra care to address my needs. Both men work well together. Neat and clean job.

Review Date: 03/02/2018 | Author: Bryan M.

Comments: Good experience, fast

Review Date: 03/01/2018 | Author: John G.

Comments: They were prompt and did a good job cleaning and repairing my gutters.

Review Date: 03/01/2018 | Author: Candice P.

Comments: They were very professional and was very informative of my roof issue as well. They did a great job with the gutters. One liter had a clog and they rectified it and showed me the cause of the problem. I would recommend them 100% and would definitely use them again.

Review Date: 02/28/2018 | Author: Alan W.

Comments: They did a great job on the roof.

Review Date: 02/28/2018 | Author: Thomas V.

Comments: Excellent work

Review Date: 02/28/2018 | Author: Jessica G.

Comments: Eddie came out to the project and arrived early. He was knowledgeable and competitively priced. We had the repairs done the next day. I would highly recommend!

Review Date: 02/23/2018 | Author: Udayan R.

Review Date: 02/19/2018 | Author: Erika P.

Comments: customer feels that the work provided was great in quality, the employees had good customer service skills, also the value for money was good.

Review Date: 02/17/2018 | Author: Laurence B.

Comments: Prompt reliable and very fair pricing

Review Date: 02/15/2018 | Author: Michael C.

Comments: Ed arrived promptly, assessed the job, gave me a price, worked with me on options and I hired him to do the work. He was polite, professional and I'm glad I hired him.

Review Date: 02/14/2018 | Author: Mark M.

Comments: They came the same day which was really convenient for me as I had a roof leak.

Review Date: 02/12/2018 | Author: Bob M.

Comments: Discovered a leak in my roof on a Sunday morning. Had an estimate by Sunday afternoon and the roof repaired by the next day. Great customer service at a reasonable price. Will definitely use Best Choice again.

Review Date: 02/11/2018 | Author: Bob S.

Comments: nothing at this time

Review Date: 02/10/2018 | Author: Joseph R.

Comments: Eddie arrived on time to give the estimate. He described what needed to be done and gave options. When he returned to do the job he was, again, on time and took the time to show me and explain to me exactly what the problem was. The work was completed quickly, neatly and they cleaned up afterwards. I believe the job was fairly priced as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Best Choice.

Review Date: 02/08/2018 | Author: Carol E.

Comments: I was pleased with their prompt, courteous service. They explained what they did and took pictures with a cell phone to show me completed repairs to the roof. Time will tell about the quality of the repairs but I trust they did a good job for what I think was a fair price.

Review Date: 02/07/2018 | Author: Mike L.

Comments: very professional

Review Date: 02/04/2018 | Author: Richard K.

Comments: They were very professional and explained what they would do. When doing the work they kept me informed and showed me what they were doing and the results before they put things back together.

Review Date: 02/01/2018 | Author: Bob S.

Comments: Good response and good job.

Review Date: 02/01/2018 | Author: Joan L.

Comments: Very pleasant men to work with. Very informative since it is our first experience with a fireplace.

Review Date: 02/01/2018 | Author: Layton D.

Comments: Very good

Review Date: 01/30/2018 | Author: Sheila D.

Comments: Extremely qualified and honest.

Review Date: 01/25/2018 | Author: Teri W.

Comments: Experts at what they do. Prompt and responsive. Price seemed reasonable but I didnít shop re price as I had an urgent need.

Review Date: 01/18/2018 | Author: Pritchard S.

Comments: This job was done remotely i.e. I have not seen the work other than a few photos so it is difficult to rate

Review Date: 01/17/2018 | Author: Ann S.

Comments: Honest and quick in service. They did the job right away.

Review Date: 01/12/2018 | Author: L. O.

Comments: It was excellent - found c.s. seeming honest, experienced, Industrious and fair.

Review Date: 01/09/2018 | Author: Stephen C.

Comments: On time. prompt repair

Review Date: 01/08/2018 | Author: Carol ann O.

Comments: very hard working and honest

Review Date: 01/06/2018 | Author: Michael M.

Comments: Very Professional and performed quality work at a fair price. Thank You for your services.

Review Date: 01/05/2018 | Author: Lahsann R.

Comments: Quick knowledgeable empathetic affordable professional. Made a friend and will use for all things chimney / gutter roofing.

Review Date: 12/30/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Friendly, prompt and good value.

Review Date: 12/28/2017 | Author: Stuart E.

Comments: They contacted me in minutes after my call with a Home Adviser customer service person. They said they would be there in a 30 min and they were. They gave me options, I chose what I wanted. They took care of it immediately. Exceptional service, great quality work. Can't ask for anything more.

Review Date: 12/27/2017 | Author: Dexter T.

Comments: He arrived the same morning i requested service. Completed the minor repair and notified me of a potential issue that i should keep an eye on. I would recommend this business and will probably use in the future.

Review Date: 12/26/2017 | Author: Jim H.

Comments: Very good. Arrived on time. Very fast!

Review Date: 12/26/2017 | Author: Barbara C.

Comments: Very responsive, everything was good.

Review Date: 12/25/2017 | Author: Ted S.

Review Date: 12/21/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He was great. Keep in touch, arrived on time and finished the work the same day. Very nice guy.

Review Date: 12/19/2017 | Author: Phil B.

Comments: Prompt service. Very accommodating to my availability

Review Date: 12/19/2017 | Author: Charles A.

Comments: Very good work

Review Date: 12/19/2017 | Author: Christine M.

Comments: loved this company, returned my call immediately and showed up the next morning for the estimated. I hired them on the spot and they returned the next morning at 8:30am to do the job. I highly recommend them. Left our outside area neat and clean, They will certainly be hired back.

Review Date: 12/15/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: quick and quality service. highly recommended.

Review Date: 12/11/2017 | Author: Don B.

Comments: he is very good. he could follow up with a phone call when winter is over,to see that there was no break down with the heat. ,

Review Date: 12/07/2017 | Author: George R.

Comments: They came when they promised, gave a fair estimate and performed the work immediately and thoroughly. Also when they finished they pointed out a couple of potential problems on the roof without any pressure to act on them.

Review Date: 12/07/2017 | Author: Naimy H.

Comments: They were punctual and thorough.

Review Date: 12/06/2017 | Author: Jason R.

Comments: Nice young man, very polite

Review Date: 12/06/2017 | Author: Cindy D.

Comments: Nice local family business, fair price,considerate abouf wbether shen working

Review Date: 12/05/2017 | Author: Peter T.

Comments: they were great on time and perfect timing.

Review Date: 11/29/2017 | Author: Evelyn M.

Comments: Came same day as I called. Did work same day, fair price.

Review Date: 11/29/2017 | Author: Kevin C.

Comments: Professional and Friendly. Came on time. Fireplace is working now.

Review Date: 11/29/2017 | Author: Elizabeth R.

Comments: Curtious and on time. That's important!

Review Date: 11/27/2017 | Author: Cindy P.

Comments: Called within minutes and came to house to give me estimate in about an hour of their call- was happy with work

Review Date: 11/24/2017 | Author: Terence L.

Comments: Did work quickly, even when unexpected circumstances occurred. Excellent clean up. They even blew leaves out of the gutters!

Review Date: 11/24/2017 | Author: Helena K.

Review Date: 11/21/2017 | Author: Susan F.

Comments: no comment

Review Date: 11/19/2017 | Author: Kevin M.

Comments: Very polite, they were on time and fixed the problem, I am very happy with their service and would highly recommend them.

Review Date: 11/16/2017 | Author: Hugostini J.

Comments: The gentleman was extremely professional and clearly explained the job that needs to be done

Review Date: 11/16/2017 | Author: Linda V.

Comments: They showed up the day after I contacted Home Advisor without an appointment. I did not appreciate it but they did give me a free estimate. I needed the work done so I hired them. Charged $140 for 2 chimneys. Pricey. Work was good but I stayed and watched the whole time.

Review Date: 11/15/2017 | Author: Vincent C.

Review Date: 11/15/2017 | Author: Ann J.

Comments: They were very nice, came on time, and very efficient.

Review Date: 11/13/2017 | Author: Joseph D.

Comments: seemed to do a good job. all were very friendly & accomodating

Review Date: 11/06/2017 | Author: Richard S.

Comments: Did a great job cleaning the gutters.Also installed gutter guards and repaired a section of gutter that was coming away from the house.

Review Date: 11/04/2017 | Author: Linda I.

Comments: I have used this company for gutter cleaning and repairs and now for replacing a roof. These guys are great! Hire them!

Review Date: 11/01/2017 | Author: Kim G.

Comments: They were ok.

Review Date: 10/28/2017 | Author: Marilyn C.

Comments: Satisfied. Were unable to come at 5PM but called immediately & reschuled for the morning & they called before & were prompt & respecful

Review Date: 10/27/2017 | Author: Robert B.

Comments: They did a clean and efficient job

Review Date: 10/27/2017 | Author: Barbara G.

Comments: No additional comments

Review Date: 10/27/2017 | Author: Patsy S.

Comments: Very neat and clean

Review Date: 10/26/2017 | Author: Arthur P.

Comments: Very polite and did a good job. Will definitely use them again.

Review Date: 10/26/2017 | Author: Susan W.

Review Date: 10/25/2017 | Author: Bruce B.

Comments: Quick response. Problem that was giving me problems since Super Storm Sandy was repaired better than what was done back then. Looks to no longer be a problem for me.

Review Date: 10/22/2017 | Author: Emily M.

Comments: Professional, reasonable and even came back when asked to check on a situation. Not their fault. Would recommend.

Review Date: 10/19/2017 | Author: E m W.

Comments: Good job highly recomend, job broom clean as promised

Review Date: 10/17/2017 | Author: Tamara S.

Comments: Although the job wasn't finished when promised, I believe the job was more difficult than anticipated.

Review Date: 10/17/2017 | Author: Tony M.

Comments: They did a good job.

Review Date: 10/17/2017 | Author: Joseph H.

Comments: Absolutely awesome service, extremely competitive pricing, not only did they provide an excellent service, they also helped identify preventative measures to prolong catastrophic damage to other areas of the residence.

Review Date: 10/17/2017 | Author: Michael T.

Review Date: 10/16/2017 | Author: Phillip H.

Comments: It was an overall good experience. I felt he charged a bit much to just clean my Gutters. But Overall it was good experience

Review Date: 10/14/2017 | Author: Gerald P.

Review Date: 10/11/2017 | Author: Gail E.

Comments: They were very nice , did what they said, were professional.

Review Date: 10/10/2017 | Author: Frances D.

Comments: Very professional and did exactly what they said they would do

Review Date: 10/08/2017 | Author: Lynda G.


Review Date: 10/06/2017 | Author: David C.

Comments: Great job, reasonably priced. Knowledgeable.

Review Date: 10/04/2017 | Author: Jim G.

Comments: did a great job. cleaned up like they were never there. on time .I will use this company again.....

Review Date: 09/26/2017 | Author: Joseph B.

Comments: Professional told us what needed to be fixed and what could wait

Review Date: 09/23/2017 | Author: Michael&helen F.

Comments: Showed up on time for estimate and agreed on a fair price. Cleaned and repaired gutters. Cleaned up any mess and was very professional. Happy with the service.

Review Date: 09/16/2017 | Author: Iris M.

Review Date: 09/16/2017 | Author: Robert B.

Comments: Showed up on time for estimate. We agreed on a price and they offered to do the repair immediately, and I hired them. They worked carefully, yet quickly, to finish the job in a timely manner.

Review Date: 09/11/2017 | Author: Ray T.

Comments: .

Review Date: 09/06/2017 | Author: Roger M.

Comments: They didn't try to sell me a complete roof. They could repair where the leaks were coming in. The two other companies that came by for estimates tried to sell a new roofing job. My roof was only 3 &1/2 years old. I knew I didn't need a new one. They came at the time they said they would be here.

Review Date: 09/06/2017 | Author: Marlene K.

Comments: Work was done quickly and efficientloy. Quite knowledgable.

Review Date: 09/04/2017 | Author: Rob A.

Review Date: 09/02/2017 | Author: Jacqueline V.

Comments: Very thorough workers. A little bit higher than I expected to pay for this job, but I am satisfied with the work.

Review Date: 08/30/2017 | Author: Bruce M.

Comments: I used them on a previous project, not gutter cleaning, and they performed excellent work on those tasks.

Review Date: 08/29/2017 | Author: Linda M.

Review Date: 08/28/2017 | Author: Kathleen G.

Comments: They came on time and were very efficient in removing the screens from the gutters, removing "the plants" from the gutters and flushing them clean.

Review Date: 08/28/2017 | Author: Judy G.

Comments: I got an estimate from Expressway Roofing. They told me the facia boards were rotted and needed to be replaced. $900 to replace facia and remount existing gutter on from of house. Best Choice looked and said facia boards are fine!! $180 to rehang the gutter and clean all gutters out. I had my dad come look. Dad got up on a ladder at age 79 and said the facia boards are intact, no rot and looked perfect, just as Eddie from Best Choice said!! Now obviously I am not letting my father fix this due to his age but he felt I was getting ripped off! Eddie from Bedt Choice did the work, hung my gutter back up, cleaned out all gutters and did a fabulous job without ripping me off!! 5 stars to Best Choice!! Expressway Roofing and Chimney PO Box 577 Mastic NY 631-772-6363 They are a rip off and lucky I don't report them!

Review Date: 08/28/2017 | Author: George M.

Comments: Great job!!! Will use them again

Review Date: 08/25/2017 | Author: Lizabeth V.

Comments: They showed up on schedule, very neat and clean and very polite.

Review Date: 08/23/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very pleasant and helped me cleaned my skylights as well!

Review Date: 08/20/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: After taking care of the roof issue, we were advised of a chimney issue which Best Choice was able to address.

Review Date: 08/19/2017 | Author: Thomas D.

Comments: Fast and efficent

Review Date: 08/13/2017 | Author: Anita W.

Comments: Very professional, and detailed description of work to be done.

Review Date: 08/10/2017 | Author: Barbara M.

Comments: They got right back and came right away.

Review Date: 08/08/2017 | Author: Alan C.

Comments: Excellent workmanship uncovered a major problem and repair at a very reasonable price.

Review Date: 08/04/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Stick with what they do. I asked them if they could install a fan vent and of course they said yes. They butchered the installation and had to return to try and fix it.

Review Date: 07/31/2017 | Author: Esther G.

Review Date: 07/28/2017 | Author: Joan B.


Review Date: 07/27/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: fair price, clean job, nice guy

Review Date: 07/27/2017 | Author: John R.

Comments: Eddie was the person I worked with. He was knowledgeable, professional and customer focused. He and his people did quality repair work on my roof and gutters. I definitely recommend Best Choice Roofing and Chimney, Inc.

Review Date: 07/24/2017 | Author: Norma R.

Comments: Eddie was the person I dealt with. He explained my problem and what he recommended to do to solve it. He also found another problem with the caps on roof breaking up in pieces. He took pictures of the caps so I could see the problem. I did find pieces of caps on lawn but didn't know where they came from. So he is coming tomorrow to solve this also. He was honest enough to say I didn't need a new roof now, maybe in about 7-8 years so I did appreciate that. He and his helper were very nice people to speak with and he worked a little on price. I got a written bill of work they did along with a 2 year guarantee. So I am happy with hiring them. Norma

Review Date: 07/21/2017 | Author: Anthony A.

Comments: very nice young man helpful went beyond his job with hole made by squirrel closed it up for us. would hire again.

Review Date: 07/19/2017 | Author: Brenda R.

Review Date: 07/17/2017 | Author: Robert A.

Comments: They were friendly and knowledgeable

Review Date: 07/17/2017 | Author: Gloria S.

Comments: Very prompt and did work the same day

Review Date: 07/06/2017 | Author: Sonya/frank L.

Comments: He came on a Sunday and was able to do the work on the same day

Review Date: 07/06/2017 | Author: Matt S.

Comments: Great job

Review Date: 07/05/2017 | Author: Craig S.

Comments: They were good.

Review Date: 07/05/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Review Date: 07/04/2017 | Author: Natalia B.

Comments: Very knowledgeable and explained everything to us clearly! Would definitely recommend company to family and friends.

Review Date: 07/04/2017 | Author: Randy R.

Comments: Prompt and friendly service. Very thorough.

Review Date: 07/04/2017 | Author: Jim B.

Comments: did a very good job!!

Review Date: 06/30/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Prompt and Thorough

Review Date: 06/27/2017 | Author: Santo M.

Comments: Excellent customer service

Review Date: 06/27/2017 | Author: Mary D.

Comments: It was an excellent experience. My primary contact was with Eddie from Best Choice. He was prompt, courteous and highly qualified. He took the time to answer my questions make recommendations for possible future roof work as this job was just roof repair. Most of all, there was no pressure to act. I highly recommend Best Choice.

Review Date: 06/26/2017 | Author: Tim F.

Comments: They did great. Would prefer to have a printed bill or receipt

Review Date: 06/26/2017 | Author: Daniela C.

Comments: Came right away and was reasonably priced

Review Date: 06/25/2017 | Author: Nancy W.

Comments: Eddie I think you over charged me, since I supplied the shingles. He knew I was stuck. You sweet talked me and I fell for it. When my neighbor came home she told me that you over charge and that's why she didn't use you. Well I guess I live and learn, now since I'm not working you put me in a bad place. I will not use you again.

Review Date: 06/25/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very thorough and did more than I expected.

Review Date: 06/24/2017 | Author: John M.

Comments: Had my gutters and leaders cleaned. The company rep responded within a half hour of my call. He was very diligent , professional and courteous. He did and excellent job and the cleanup was remarkable. Would definitely have them back.

Review Date: 06/23/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Roofers were great. Showed up early, kept me in the loop at every step of the way by making me go on the roof and even cleaned out the gutters for me without even asking. Very neat and professional. Will defiantly recommend.

Review Date: 06/23/2017 | Author: Susan H.

Comments: punctual, polite, reasonable price

Review Date: 06/21/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Understand how the work needs to be done and price the project accordingly.

Review Date: 06/17/2017 | Author: David L.

Comments: Came quickly, gave an estimate and did the work on the spot. Very pleased.

Review Date: 06/16/2017 | Author: Peter R.

Comments: prompt and fair!

Review Date: 06/16/2017 | Author: Linda S.

Comments: Honest.

Review Date: 06/16/2017 | Author: Christine N.

Review Date: 06/14/2017 | Author: Robert B.

Comments: They came promptly and did the work very efficiently

Review Date: 06/14/2017 | Author: Pamela H.

Comments: Quick and efficient. Geeat job! PH

Review Date: 06/13/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: job was thorough

Review Date: 06/11/2017 | Author: Vivian D.

Comments: Friendly, competent, enthusiastic workers. Will definitely hire them again when we need their services.

Review Date: 06/11/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: very efficient, good job

Review Date: 06/10/2017 | Author: Bernard K.

Comments: They did a great job,capping my gutters ,not allowing debris to clog up my gutters causing problems.

Review Date: 06/09/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very professional and did a great job.

Review Date: 06/05/2017 | Author: Andrew B.

Comments: Needed gutters cleaned quickly and they were there quickly and charged a great rate. Would definitely recommend.

Review Date: 06/04/2017 | Author: Daniela M.

Comments: Looked them up on a sunday morning. Got a phonw call within the hour and he was here im 30 minutes. He did the job right away and finished out cleaning within an hour. Would Recommend.

Review Date: 06/03/2017 | Author: Janet S.

Comments: They were able to do the work the day that I called them!!

Review Date: 06/01/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: I hired Eddy and his coworkers to clean the gutters of our home. They were pleasant to deal with, and they completed the work efficiently and well.

Review Date: 05/28/2017 | Author: Ted S.

Comments: great repair. very prompy

Review Date: 05/24/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Called them on a holiday, and they came over within the hour. Started in on the roof repair right away. As they were pulling up the shingles, they realized other parts of the roof were soft and spongy, so it ended up that the whole roof needed to be replaced. They got materials and worked all day until it got dark, then came back early the next day to finish the job. I really wasn't prepared to spend money on a new roof, but we knew it had to be done.

Review Date: 05/23/2017 | Author: Fay K.

Comments: They came over right away. Gave a good price. Did the gutters and cleaned everything up. I'm very satisfied

Review Date: 05/20/2017 | Author: Terry P.

Comments: Pleasantly surprised by Eddie and Arber. They came and cleaned our gutters pointing out how they needed to be secured, the nails were popping out and they were pulling away from the house. We also were interested in getting screens to keep them clean. They took pictures of our roof to show us missing shingles, cracked shingles and nails popping up. We told them we knew the roof was getting old. In fact it was 30 years old. We agreed on a price and chose the shingle type and color. We also had them put lead flashing around the chimney. The job was done the following day and it came out so nice. They came with four guys. We are so pleased with the service we received and how professional they were. They worked so hard and they did a great job. They left here and the place was so clean. We highly recommend Best Choice Roofing and Chimney! We feel so good about all the work they did. It really needed to be addressed. Thank you to all the guys, we are thrilled with the results! Cathy and Terry P

Review Date: 05/19/2017 | Author: Debbie P.

Comments: Excellent!

Review Date: 05/18/2017 | Author: Ryan T.

Comments: Showed up on time for both the estimate and for the repairs. Left the area free of debris when done.

Review Date: 05/16/2017 | Author: Edward P.

Comments: I thought the cost of the repair was a little high, $200 for a two shingle repair seemed a little high. But they were there and came right away. The repair guy they sent was friendly and professional. Otherwise a good experience.

Review Date: 05/15/2017 | Author: Anthony S.

Comments: Fast and cleaned up... great job!

Review Date: 05/13/2017 | Author: Sam V.

Comments: Best Choice Roofing did a great job on my roof repair. They replaced the entire roof on one section of my house that had a leak as well as a skylight. They did a quality job and cleaned up leaving my property clear of all debris. I would definitely use them again.

Review Date: 05/09/2017 | Author: Dorsey S.

Comments: I really appreciated the prompt service and the quality of work they performed.

Review Date: 05/03/2017 | Author: Johanna F.

Comments: They came in a matter of minutes of my phone call. Courteous, polite and very happy with the job. Would recommend them to anyone..

Review Date: 04/23/2017 | Author: David E.

Comments: These pros did the work they said they would, the clean-up was perfect, and their cheerful service was wonderful. They also kept in good contact with me, so there wasn't any guessing when they would be there, and what work they would do.

Review Date: 04/20/2017 | Author: Margaret K.

Comments: Repaired and replaced gutters also cleaned them and cleaned up after they where done. Very satisfied with this company i would use them again for all repairs needed. thanks for being so good Mrs K

Review Date: 04/18/2017 | Author: Diane J.

Comments: Service was quick and good

Review Date: 04/15/2017 | Author: Janis F.

Comments: Courteous, professional service. Fair price

Review Date: 04/14/2017 | Author: Douglas M.

Comments: quality work and service

Review Date: 04/14/2017 | Author: Scott L.

Comments: Eddie was very professional, friendly and timely. He explained what I needed (as well as the issue that caused my leak) and what I needed to resolve my clearly and honestly. NO GOUGING!!! I highly recommend them!

Review Date: 04/13/2017 | Author: James S.

Comments: Very professional and friendly service. They worked quickly and efficiently and cleaned up the area well when they were done.

Review Date: 04/13/2017 | Author: Mark F.

Comments: After the last big rain storm all of my leaders overflowed, even though I had my regular gutter service done by another "big name" gutter service late fall after all the leaves had fallen. I suspected that that regular service was a rush job and indeed it was. I asked "big name" to take care of the situation and they put me on a waitlist and denied that my former cleaning was a rush job. I called Best Choice Roofing through Home Advisor and they came out the next day, pulled apart and cleaned out all of my stuffed up leaders and cleaned up when done. I am now switching to Best Choice Roofing for my regular gutter cleaning service.

Review Date: 04/11/2017 | Author: Phil H.

Comments: My roof had some missing and broken shingles. The affected roof area looked horrible. Tim did a great job with the repair. The job was done promptly and it was done well. I felt it was worth the price I paid. Very professional and good follow-up.

Review Date: 04/09/2017 | Author: Robert V.

Review Date: 04/06/2017 | Author: Howard F.

Comments: The work was satisfactory.

Review Date: 03/27/2017 | Author: Howard B.

Comments: Came quickly, did repair quickly, neatly, properly, and for reasonable cost. I'm satisfied.

Review Date: 03/26/2017 | Author: Tom W.

Comments: Good quality work done with efficiency

Review Date: 03/10/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were on time

Review Date: 03/10/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Did nice work and cleaned up after them self

Review Date: 03/03/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Review Date: 02/23/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: n/a

Review Date: 02/17/2017 | Author: Kathy C.

Comments: They came prepared and were able to repair the leaks on the spot after providing estimate.

Review Date: 02/15/2017 | Author: Stuart W.

Review Date: 02/07/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They did the roof repair on the spot,were very courteous and very reasonably price. The next time we have a heavy rain I'll be more able to judge their workmanship.

Review Date: 01/30/2017 | Author: Dennis O.

Comments: They did a great job and cleaned up. I'm very happy with the job.

Review Date: 01/27/2017 | Author: Jacqueline J.

Comments: The Chimney expert was highly professional, quick and cleaned up after the job. I personally thought his fee was a bit exorbitant, but since he responded quickly on short notice, I was willing to pay a little extra. I recommend Best Choice Roofing and Chimney, but it may be prudent to get competitive bids/estimates from other companies before committing to Best Choice Roofing and Chimney services.

Review Date: 01/24/2017 | Author: Jen C.

Comments: The piece of metal at the edge of the roof top came half off and was banging on top of the roof whole night long during the storm. We needed someone to come and secure it to prevent further damages to the roof. We googled online Home Adviser with our info. Early morning this company called, showed up and repair quickly. We are grateful for their efficiency. Job well done and was reasonable in price.

Review Date: 01/21/2017 | Author: Jeff M.

Review Date: 01/21/2017 | Author: Linda J.

Comments: All the work was done correctly and fast

Review Date: 01/17/2017 | Author: Michael S.

Comments: The quality of the work was excellent. They worked consistently throughout the project and did a nice job and cleaned up.

Review Date: 01/16/2017 | Author: Karl S.

Comments: We were blocked by a blizzard to do the work on the roof. There was excellent communication and clear follow-up. Another date was set they arrived promptly and did a fine job. My son who lives locally supervised the job and was so impressed he hired him for worl on his own house.

Review Date: 01/14/2017 | Author: Marianne R.

Comments: ARRIVED ONTIME FOR BOTH ESTIMATE AND JOB. cleaned gutters and cleaned up after. Will use again!

Review Date: 01/02/2017 | Author: Joe K.

Comments: Tim was wonderful...Did just what I needed in no time at all..

Review Date: 01/02/2017 | Author: Dan V.

Comments: I had a couple of roof shingles ripped off by high winds. My roof was leaking, and I needed emergency service. They sent a guy over immediately. He gave me a very reasonable estimate, which I accepted. He worked through a light rain, and fixed it in an hour and a half. I couldn't be happier! Thank you, Tim!

Review Date: 12/30/2016 | Author: Joan E.

Review Date: 12/22/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They came when they said they would. Worked quickly and well.

Review Date: 12/20/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very prompt and did a thorough job of cleaning the gutters and downspouts.

Review Date: 12/14/2016 | Author: John B.

Comments: They were prompt, professional, and reasonable.

Review Date: 12/12/2016 | Author: Ralph C.

Comments: Cant tell about the thoroughness of the job because it was gutter cleaning so wel will see the next rainfall

Review Date: 12/07/2016 | Author: Mary R.

Comments: I had chimney work done several years ago for a lot of money only to find out that the work was never done. I was duped! I had to trust what I was told & went ahead with the recommended work: expensive but had to be done. It's an old quirky chimney & the job was long & frustrating. But they got it done. I am trusting that Best Chimney did the required repair & feel confident that they will stand behind their work.

Review Date: 12/05/2016 | Author: Lawrence S.

Comments: Knowledgeable.

Review Date: 12/05/2016 | Author: Lorraine D.

Comments: They did a superb, absolutely unbelievable job! They were highly competent, courteous and I couldn't have had a better job done.

Review Date: 11/30/2016 | Author: Tony C.

Comments: I've had a lot of people over the years and these guys are the best. They've done a nice job! Quick to come over, quick to respond.

Review Date: 11/16/2016 | Author: Chris C.

Comments: nice guys worked very fast

Review Date: 11/15/2016 | Author: Jim M.

Comments: This company really cares about their work quality and it showed. With a partial flat roof application, they thought ahead, took on the repair knowing extra effort with the siding was involved as well, came across more obstacles and executed the job with near perfection. As a small company, his attention to detail, pride in his work and character showed. I was very happy that I selected him. BTW it rained today and I got to see his finished work in action as I could see the repaired area outside a facing window. Thank you.

Review Date: 11/08/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Prompt call return; next day appointment set for estimate

Review Date: 11/05/2016 | Author: David L.

Comments: Came quickly and got the job done well.

Review Date: 11/02/2016 | Author: Linda B.

Comments: They work with you..

Review Date: 10/28/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: These guys are GREAT!!! They came prepared even though I just wanted an estimate, but the price they gave was so good, I couldn't say no. Not only that, but they took pics of the roof before and showed them to me, AND after. And I must say, there was a huge difference! I was very, very, very, happy with them!

Review Date: 10/27/2016 | Author: Joseph M.

Comments: Excellent job of cleaning the chimney and installing a stainless steel liner for the oil burner flue. A family business and you can see they take pride in their work. Reasonable rate for the work involved.

Review Date: 10/23/2016 | Author: Vincent A.

Comments: Excellent work

Review Date: 10/22/2016 | Author: Charlene S.

Comments: They were on time, reasonable and got the job done straight away

Review Date: 10/21/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Good value for the quality work provided. Showed up right on time. Were clear about what it would cost and very reasonably priced. Cleaned up after themselves. Would definitely recommend.

Review Date: 10/21/2016 | Author: Loretta D.

Comments: They were quick to respond and job was done neatly and quickly.

Review Date: 10/15/2016 | Author: Bruce M.

Comments: Nice people who explain clearly what needs to be done and how.

Review Date: 10/15/2016 | Author: Leslie l K.

Comments: I hired them to do a Fall chimney sweep and my chimney was in poor shape and needed a stainless steel liner ... I could not use the oil burner which was on the verge of having a "pull back" and worse! I called around for prices and the owner was the most reasonable and did the repair on the spot and was done in 4.5 hours the same day! I am recommending them highly ... do not miss out by passing this company by ... you will be very pleased with their work ethic, quality and price. A winning combo

Review Date: 10/15/2016 | Author: a Neighbor


Review Date: 10/05/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They came right on time, inspected what they had to do, quoted a price. I approved it. They went to work. Done.

Review Date: 10/04/2016 | Author: Diane B.

Comments: on the expensive side but they came to put the skylight in on Saturday and back on Sunday....they came immediately and were very efficient.

Review Date: 10/02/2016 | Author: Michele H.

Comments: Intelligent and fair. Came immediately and completed the job.

Review Date: 09/29/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: competent and very prompt group. A bit pricey.

Review Date: 09/27/2016 | Author: Patricia P.

Comments: Nice, professional, great job, very neat - very pricey

Review Date: 09/22/2016 | Author: Louis M.

Comments: Very happy nice work very prompt good price no mess they left the property clean Louis m

Review Date: 09/20/2016 | Author: Ed M.

Comments: Excellent communication!! Excellent Service!!! Excellent timeline!! I was very impressed with Best Choice Great job would definatelly hire again.. Thanks Guys!!

Review Date: 09/13/2016 | Author: Carla A.

Comments: Great customer service

Review Date: 09/06/2016 | Author: Douglas V.

Comments: was a great experience,

Review Date: 09/01/2016 | Author: Susan W.

Comments: Professional, Efficient, dependable

Review Date: 08/30/2016 | Author: Sandra C.

Comments: They did a great job, very professional and very neat. Would recommend them.

Review Date: 08/22/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Arrived within 1 hr. of my phone call

Review Date: 08/19/2016 | Author: Patricia F.

Comments: They had to clean out packed gutters without dirtying my newly power washed house and they did!

Review Date: 08/15/2016 | Author: Buddy W.

Comments: Eddy and Tim were at my house an hour after me rquesting them. They did a great job at a great price. The original spikes holding in my gutters were pulling away from the house, and wouldn't have made it through next winter. Eddy added new hangers, and they were done in an hour. Great experience, I will use them again! Buddy W

Review Date: 08/10/2016 | Author: George M.

Comments: they were fair and reasonable!!!!

Review Date: 08/08/2016 | Author: William W.

Comments: They came quickly, quoted a fair price and did the work the same day. Service was professional and friendly, they did a thorough inspection for other possibly related problems and cleaned up thoroughly once they were complete.

Review Date: 08/06/2016 | Author: Cam P.

Comments: The reason I'm not giving 5 stars about the quality of work is that I'm not sure of what constitutes a 5 star chimney cleaning. The young man was polite, quiet, and professional in his manner. He'll be coming back soon to put in a new damper. Ours hasn't been changed at least since 2001, when we bought the house. I'll revisit when the job is complete, and again when we build our first fire in our improved fireplace this fall.

Review Date: 08/04/2016 | Author: Jason H.

Comments: Our roof top and gutters were cluttered with leaves, small branches, etc. A young man who is owner's brother came, went up on the roof, accessed the job, gave us an estimate. He blew off all the debris, cleaned the gutter cover, then cleaned the down spout. Work was done in a very professional manner, and we are satisfied with his work.

Review Date: 07/25/2016 | Author: Kathleen K.

Comments: very good came quickly and completed

Review Date: 07/22/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He actually went up on the roof to see what needed to be done before he gave me an estimate.

Review Date: 07/21/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Punctual, polite and very neat. Would use again

Review Date: 07/17/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: It was fine.

Review Date: 07/08/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Overall great job, great attitude!!

Review Date: 07/03/2016 | Author: Edward C.

Comments: prompt, professional and friendly. happy to work with them. I will use them for my next project.

Review Date: 06/30/2016 | Author: Hui J.

Comments: They were great!

Review Date: 06/28/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The roofing company did the job right on the spot. They quoted me a price lower than others and had the materials on hand. The roof repair was done in an hour. I would recommended them to my neighbor and he will use the company also to repair roof shingles.

Review Date: 06/23/2016 | Author: Elizabeth M.

Comments: They called, they came, they cleaned. They did what they said they would, when they said they would and for a very reasonable price. Would absolutely hire them again.

Review Date: 06/21/2016 | Author: Sharon K.

Comments: They called first, came early and did a good job!

Review Date: 06/20/2016 | Author: Barbara F.

Comments: I asked for them to come to inspect and clean the chimney. However, they advised me that I had an issue with the caps on the roof. The next thing I knew, I had a $1,900 project. I'm hoping that they did a good job but it is hard for me to know, because I am not knowledgeable in this area and I can't view it for myself.

Review Date: 06/17/2016 | Author: Jemel B.

Comments: the experience was fast easy and they didn't over charge

Review Date: 06/17/2016 | Author: Daniel W.

Comments: Prompt service good price.

Review Date: 06/16/2016 | Author: Andrea N.

Comments: Quick, a good price and very professional.

Review Date: 06/15/2016 | Author: Heather R.

Comments: Eddie was very polite and professinal

Review Date: 06/12/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: *****

Review Date: 06/12/2016 | Author: Dennis T.

Comments: very good

Review Date: 06/10/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: A little pricey

Review Date: 06/08/2016 | Author: Ellen M.

Comments: very polite, professional and responded quickly

Review Date: 06/06/2016 | Author: Joyce R.

Comments: Great experience using Best Choice. I would highly recommend them.

Review Date: 06/05/2016 | Author: Joe M.

Comments: So quick. They were here within 2 hours (on a Sunday) of my service request. Amazing.

Review Date: 06/03/2016 | Author: Frank A.

Comments: They came in, they were pleasant, they were extremely knowledgeable, they were hardworking, and they finished quickly. Very satisfied. Will use HomeAdvisor and Best Choice again! Very happy with how quickly my needs were met, and taken care of, by both HA, and Best Choice.

Review Date: 06/02/2016 | Author: Peggy W.

Comments: They were very courteous.

Review Date: 06/01/2016 | Author: John M.

Comments: Very courteous and professional ...clean up was excellant

Review Date: 05/28/2016 | Author: Joe D.

Comments: very professional and courteous. Quality workmanship and great clean up. Highly recommended. I will surely recommend them to my friends and family.

Review Date: 05/22/2016 | Author: Robert A.

Comments: Also replaced severely cracked cement on chimney cap and installed a chimney liner. My oil company has been suggesting a liner fore several years. Had a hard turn near bottom of chimney, they removed only two bricks to guide the liner through. The bricks were replaced with new bricks. Very professional.

Review Date: 05/19/2016 | Author: Jennifer H.

Comments: They called back within minutes of initial inquiry. They showed up for the estimate on time, were very professional and did the job on the spot.

Review Date: 05/13/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: good ,clean, work

Review Date: 05/11/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Showed up on time, did the work in a timely fashion.

Review Date: 05/11/2016 | Author: Tony S.

Comments: They were very responsive to my needs. Great customer care.

Review Date: 05/11/2016 | Author: Paul C.

Comments: Eddy and is co-worker worked really quickly and did and great job.

Review Date: 05/11/2016 | Author: Paul C.

Comments: I negotiated a fair price, Eddy and his co-worker finished the job very fast and I am satisfied with his work. I have already recommended him to a friend to use.

Review Date: 05/05/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Negotiated price fairly and finished the job quickly

Review Date: 05/02/2016 | Author: Justin B.

Comments: Gave me a fair price. Definitely negotiate and you should be able to work something out. Cleaned my gutters and replaced my ridge caps for a decent price. Came on time, did a solid job, and showed me pictures of finished work. Only complaint was that when they cleaned my gutters, they were kind of lazy in just blowing my leaves onto my neighbor's yard. Other than that, I'd probably hire them again.

Review Date: 05/02/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Review Date: 05/02/2016 | Author: Dale J.

Comments: Working with the Best Choice company was a great experience, everything went smoothly and they did a great job with putting in the new skylight. Very happy with this company, no complaints.

Review Date: 04/27/2016 | Author: Howard S.

Comments: They were very pleasant and professional. They were very prompt.

Review Date: 04/22/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They called to say they were running early and if they could come sooner. It was not a problem for me. Received a reasonable quote and agreed to it. They offered to do the work immediately, and did a nice job on repairing my damaged trim. I would hire them again.

Review Date: 04/15/2016 | Author: Jon S.

Comments: Very responsive. Excellent work.

Review Date: 04/12/2016 | Author: John P.

Comments: We contacted Home Advisor for a contractor to clean our gutters and correct a longstanding overflow problem on our back gutter. We got a return phone call almost immediately; they said a technician would visit us that afternoon. Eddie did, climbed up on the roof and diagnosed the problem: the rear screens were actually letting the rainfall slide over the top to cascade down the side of the house! The waterfall was compromising our cedar shakes, and filling our window frames. He suggested removing the rear screens and adding a downspout at the other end of the long rear gutter. He quoted a fair price and returned the next day to do the 2 1/2 hour job. The overflow issues is resolved! Thank you for your quick, efficient cost-effective service. Eddie is a polite tech who listened attentively to our problem and fixed it quickly without leaving behind debris. Thank you!

Review Date: 04/05/2016 | Author: Alan R.

Comments: He was honest. He said everything was very clean. He didn't charge me anything.

Review Date: 03/30/2016 | Author: Alan R.

Comments: very professional and fast service and very honest.They checked my chimney and fire place and honestly told me everything looked clean .

Review Date: 03/19/2016 | Author: Thomas V.

Comments: Came in within one hour of the call and gave the estimate and the price was right and finish the job in an hour. This was the replacement of a broken and destroyed piece of one vinyl slide. It was little high to reach. Also put 5-6 metal brackets for a hanging gutter for free. No it is strong. I am totally satisfied

Review Date: 03/18/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Eddie and his partner did a very nice job,explained everything and cleaned up after.

Review Date: 03/14/2016 | Author: Susan M.

Comments: The came promptly. Eddie showed me before and after pictures. Gave knowledgeable, thorough explanation and estimate. He and his brother worked diligently in rain. Were pleasant and professional, cleaned up. Would use again in future.

Review Date: 03/14/2016 | Author: Susan M.

Comments: The came promptly. Eddie showed me before and after pictures.gave full explanation of woek and wstate. He and his brother did repairs in the rain and cleaned up. Very pleasant and professional. Would use again in future.

Review Date: 03/13/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very professional Excellent job But no receipt given

Review Date: 03/07/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: very friendly and free quote very prompt and orginized

Review Date: 03/07/2016 | Author: Richard P.

Comments: Arriived immediatly and repaired leaks Showed us before and after pictures of repairs

Review Date: 03/03/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: This was a small repair job and the initial estimate was a bit high. We negotiated a reasonable number and the job was done very quickly. Good service and communication.

Review Date: 02/11/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were on time and very informative. They were neat and clean and did scam us for a new liner. I usually do my homework to know how much a chimney inspection and sweep costs. I did not this time and after speaking with people we may have paid more than we should have. That though is my fault. I would use them again.

Review Date: 01/27/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: on-time and super fast

Review Date: 01/26/2016 | Author: Joann Z.

Comments: They were Knowledgeable licensed and insured and reasonably priced. They repaired my Goddess and lead us clean them added a new chimney cap.

Review Date: 01/25/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Workers were polite, friendly, professional, and did a great job for me.

Review Date: 01/25/2016 | Author: Annmarie E.

Comments: On the high side, but showed up and did the job. Waiting for the next big rain to see what happens. Also they wanted to be paid in cash. Website says takes credit cards. Charged 23.09 to process credit card, that was a very odd high price, but did not have 900.00 cash on me.

Review Date: 01/19/2016 | Author: Alan H.

Comments: I would gladly hire them again.

Review Date: 01/18/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Called immediately, arrived when said they would made recommendations did gutter cleaning thoroughly, fast & efficient. Cleaned up afterwards. A fair price.

Review Date: 01/17/2016 | Author: Cliff G.

Comments: Very good experience, on time, good work, fair price.

Review Date: 01/16/2016 | Author: Robert R.

Comments: Received a call within minutes of inquiry. Eddie showed up within an hour. Very prompt. After a little negotiation agreed to a fair price. They replaced a number of missing / old shingles and cleaned gutters. I had a good experience with this firm. Would use them again.

Review Date: 01/08/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Quick and affordable

Review Date: 12/28/2015 | Author: Jonathan C.

Comments: Eddie was quick with the job and helped explain what was being done along the way.

Review Date: 12/28/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great job done! Quick and efficient. Good price.

Review Date: 12/17/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The professionals that came to my house were great. They came and was very professional, Prompt and was very fair with price and would use again.

Review Date: 12/15/2015 | Author: Robert M.

Comments: Very clean and they were the best!

Review Date: 12/11/2015 | Author: Linda I.

Comments: My third time using this company. These are my "go to" guys for gutter cleaning. I called yesterday to have my daughter's, son's and my house gutters cleaned. All finished one day later at a reasonable price. Eddie is great and I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!

Review Date: 12/11/2015 | Author: John H.

Comments: Work was done quick and well. Team very professional. Fair price. Would use them again.

Review Date: 12/08/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: good job

Review Date: 12/08/2015 | Author: Carolyn M.

Comments: arrived same day as call, worked very quickly

Review Date: 12/07/2015 | Author: Gary L.

Comments: Excellent prompt professional service. Would use again

Review Date: 12/02/2015 | Author: Donald W.

Comments: Did a great job!

Review Date: 12/01/2015 | Author: Gary K.

Comments: had a problem after the work was done. he came back and repaired the problem. I am satisfied with the results.

Review Date: 11/24/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Eddie and his partner were able to take care of the problem for less than I expected. And did the job the same day I contacted them.

Review Date: 11/15/2015 | Author: Carrie N.

Comments: Came right away and repaired my roof shingles.......very nice and had the job done quickly.......thank you Eddie and co-worker!

Review Date: 11/10/2015 | Author: Barbara L.

Comments: They were very reliable. Always showed up on time and performed the work as specified. They cleaned up very well and did a professional job. I was very satisfied.

Review Date: 11/02/2015 | Author: Gennady M.

Comments: The first time the technician came by and gave us his estimate, which was fair. Later on we scheduled an appointment with this company. Same technician came on time and did the repair. My wife and I are satisfied with their service.

Review Date: 10/13/2015 | Author: Mike B.

Comments: Eddie, owner, showed up within minutes of my contact, gave me a fair price, completed the job the next day, clean, polite and took pictures before and after to show me his work. Very satisfied. Glad I chose him.

Review Date: 09/27/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very professional and thorough. They did an excellent job. Price was reasonable.

Review Date: 09/23/2015 | Author: John D.

Comments: Called literally immediately after I submitted the request. They were there when they said they would be, gave my in-laws a reasonable price, and did the job that very same day (Sunday). They did a quality, professional job but the real test will be the next heavy rain.

Review Date: 09/21/2015 | Author: Penny S.

Comments: He repaired my gutters without saying that they needed to be replaced. He was very kind, professional and answered any questions I had.

Review Date: 09/17/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: A job well done. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Review Date: 09/16/2015 | Author: Harry G.

Comments: They were very professional and courteous, did the work quickly. They were priced a little higher than previous companies I've used, but I would use them again because of their cleanliness and efficiency.

Review Date: 09/14/2015 | Author: Joe P.

Comments: Good guys exceeded expectations

Review Date: 09/11/2015 | Author: Bryan M.

Comments: My roof was leaking they came within one hour from when I called and did the repair immediately. from the time I logged on to Home Advisor to job completion was less than 2 hours. Eddie was knowledgable and did a great job.

Review Date: 09/08/2015 | Author: Alice V.

Comments: Workers were obviously knowledgeable and experienced. Diagnosed the problems right away and fixed them the same day. Very thorough, meticulous and neat in their work.

Review Date: 09/03/2015 | Author: Mikhail P.

Comments: Arrived on time on Saturday morning. Quickly inspected the chimneys and also suggested to install chimney caps. I agreed because I knew I need them. Price they gave me first seemed a little high, but they were open for negotiation. Cleaned two chimneys quick and without any mess, installed the caps, and did a little extra to fix and seal a flashing. Made pictures with a phone to show me the state of the top of the chimneys. Will certainly use them again.

Review Date: 09/03/2015 | Author: Barbara M.

Comments: Very pleased Eddy was fantastic and prompt and reliable.

Review Date: 08/04/2015 | Author: Harold C.

Comments: He did a good job

Review Date: 08/02/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great price and quality of work

Review Date: 07/30/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Arrived on time. Gave me a price for the job on the spot. Tried to negotiate a lower price as I had a price from another contractor. They were here and they they did a little extra to secure the gutters. A fair price as I wasn't going on the roof.

Review Date: 07/28/2015 | Author: Marlene K.

Comments: Fair price. Prompt service. Met our needs, Knowledgeable.

Review Date: 07/25/2015 | Author: Catherine C.

Comments: They arrived when they said they would and were able to do the job on the spot.

Review Date: 07/18/2015 | Author: Sandra R.

Comments: They were awesome, worked fast, professional, no beating around the bush. They gave me an estimate today and were ready to start immediately. Love their work and just asked them to do additional work for me. Would recommend

Review Date: 07/16/2015 | Author: Jack P.

Comments: It was a simple job of cleaning gutters

Review Date: 07/09/2015 | Author: Heather A.

Comments: Very nice and professional. Did the job same day. Great work.

Review Date: 07/06/2015 | Author: Peter A.

Comments: They were in and out of here under a hour they worked like a well oiled machine. No mess and no fuss!

Review Date: 07/03/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Good work, reasonable price

Review Date: 07/01/2015 | Author: a Neighbor


Review Date: 06/28/2015 | Author: Azeem K.

Comments: Eddie came very quickly, gave an estimate, and was very good about setting up a time to do the job soon after. The price ended up being more than the estimate, but it was fair given that it was more damages once they took the shingles off the roof. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get some work done.

Review Date: 06/27/2015 | Author: Ariana C.

Comments: They were very professional and gave me a great rate for their service with cleaning out my house gutters.

Review Date: 06/22/2015 | Author: Dan S.

Comments: I have been in construction most of my life and always believed in being honest , and these guys run there business the same way they didn't try and sell me anything or upsell they made genuine suggestions which were honest Only suggestion I can make is office people need to ask more questions about the job so that they are prepared when they arrive but otherwise good honest people who work very hard and put pride in what they do

Review Date: 06/17/2015 | Author: Marjorie B.

Comments: They did a good job, very conscientious.

Review Date: 06/16/2015 | Author: Nestor P.

Comments: excellent service

Review Date: 06/16/2015 | Author: Tom H.

Comments: Very professional and clean

Review Date: 06/12/2015 | Author: Kerry M.

Comments: They installed a new roof over our extension and repaired the flashing around the air vents. Very good work.

Review Date: 06/10/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Rapid response to clean gutters. Efficient, friendly, reasonable cost, and they did no damage. What more can you ask for?!

Review Date: 06/04/2015 | Author: Ted K.

Comments: Best is very responsive. They came when they said they would and analyzed the problem quickly. I will not hesitate to use them again.

Review Date: 06/01/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Quick and good work .Value a little high on any additional work

Review Date: 05/31/2015 | Author: Harry R.

Comments: Eddie repaired the problem I had with a leak in the roof at the flashing on the fireplace chimney. He explained the job well and did a good job at a reasonable price. I recommend his company and will contact them again if I ever have another problem with my roof.

Review Date: 05/05/2015 | Author: Ray O.

Comments: They responded to my request the same day. They gave me a quote and were prepared to either repair the roof or replace the entire section. They had all of the material with them and completed the work the same day. I would definitely recommend them. They did a great job.

Review Date: 04/16/2015 | Author: Joe P.

Comments: good work, good workers, job completed quickly, no problems

Review Date: 04/13/2015 | Author: Antoinette H.

Comments: Ed came to repair a few spots on the roof where a squirrel had got in plus repointed the brick chimney and a few bricks in front of the house. we were very pleased with his work!

Review Date: 04/12/2015 | Author: Alan S.

Comments: Very prompt and friendly

Review Date: 04/02/2015 | Author: Kevin P.

Comments: Quick clean job.

Review Date: 03/28/2015 | Author: Darrell L.

Comments: He did the repair the same day in the rain

Review Date: 03/27/2015 | Author: Ray L.

Comments: Nice guy and very knowledgeable

Review Date: 03/24/2015 | Author: Victoria V.

Comments: Eddie was great, he was on time and reliable. Clean, neat, professional job. I would definitely use him again and I would recommend him!

Review Date: 03/21/2015 | Author: Gail B.

Comments: Eddie was first rate and did a quality job. He was the first to answer the request through Home Advisor and met me to discuss the project on the same day. We agreed on the work and the cost and he had the shingles off and protective seal applied that evening in MARCH. Came back after a couple days to put the roof on as we had 2 days of rain and he couldn't finish sooner.

Review Date: 03/18/2015 | Author: Matthew S.

Comments: Very nice owner, prompt and courteous ... Honest about real work needed , not over pricing or adding work to get more $$

Review Date: 01/26/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Best Choice took care of my gutter cleaning same day, within two hours of setting up the appointment. Eddie was very prompt, thorough, and courteous. Great service!

Review Date: 01/26/2015 | Author: Robert O.

Comments: I am very satisfied

Review Date: 01/23/2015 | Author: Peggy O.

Comments: The response time was incredibly quick. Nicole in the office was lovely and Eddie on site was terrific and clearly took pride in his work which was done well an efficiently.

Review Date: 01/21/2015 | Author: Barry F.

Comments: Extremely fast response. Courteous team arrived within an hour of entering the work inquiry into Home Advisor. Repair to my asphalt shingle roof was relatively simple, just needed a small amount of roofing tar replaced that had come loose and was permitting water to enter. Work completed on the spot, quickly, professionally, at a fair price and guaranteed. Would recommend.

Review Date: 01/16/2015 | Author: William P.

Comments: Did a complete cleaning to my satisfaction

Review Date: 12/28/2014 | Author: Alberta C.

Comments: the mechanic was very professionaland courteous. did his job very efficiently.

Review Date: 12/22/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Roof was More Damaged than anticipated, and needed total replacement. This more than tripled the original estimate, but was definitely necessary. The job was then completed in a timely fashion using best practices and quality materials.

Review Date: 12/15/2014 | Author: Mike B.

Comments: They did a great job. Very dependable.

Review Date: 12/14/2014 | Author: Michael A.

Comments: very professional and hard working. Good quality work for the price. I would hire them again without hesitation. Highly recommended.

Review Date: 12/06/2014 | Author: Frank R.

Comments: Great job (clean gutters and downspouts). I would recommend Best Choice to clean gutters.

Review Date: 12/01/2014 | Author: Frances O.

Comments: Best Choice Roofing & Chimney provided fast, professional and courteous service.

Review Date: 12/01/2014 | Author: Frank B.

Comments: Very prompt. Did a great job.

Review Date: 11/27/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Eddie called immediately. He was at my house the next day. He did the repair on the spot!

Review Date: 11/14/2014 | Author: Pat O.

Comments: Prompt, efficient, Knew what they were doing. Very pleased.

Review Date: 11/13/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very professional and Eddie was a very nice guy

Review Date: 11/08/2014 | Author: Mary C.

Comments: i like the fact they took photos (on their phone) to show me an adjacent gutter that needed repair; they also took photos when job completed

Review Date: 11/06/2014 | Author: Mark L.

Comments: Courteous, on time , through job

Review Date: 10/27/2014 | Author: Linda R.

Comments: A few seconds after submitting the work request on Home Advisor, the phone rang, and it was Eddie from Best Choice. They came over the same day and gave us a quote based on what we requested. As it turned out the roof was in worse shape than we thought, so the quote changed. My husband climbed up on the roof and saw that it was rotted thru. The quote changed based on the scope of the project, we agreed to the price, and they started work immediately. They came back the next day to complete the work in a timely fashion. They worked fast and efficiently, and gave a great warranty on the work. They clean up was great, and I would recommend them highly. We will be using them again for the other half of the roof that will need to be replaced shortly.

Review Date: 10/14/2014 | Author: Beth C.

Comments: I was so impressed with Best Choice's professionalism and knowledge of product and technique. I referred them the first day on the job. Best Choice is lucky to have Eddie, Arbor and the crew in their employ. Best cleanup of any project I have ever done. I will hire and refer them in the future.

Review Date: 08/25/2014 | Author: James C.

Comments: The team worked very hard to complete the job on-time and within budget. Very professional leadership on-site and the worked performed by technicians was excellent. I would use this company again and recommend them highly.

Review Date: 08/19/2014 | Author: Victoria K.

Comments: Very honest people to deal with. I had someone else begin a botched repair and they showed me what the other contractor was doing. They did a quality job at a fair price.

Review Date: 08/11/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Quick response. Came on time and professionally done.

Review Date: 07/25/2014 | Author: Philip N.

Comments: They were quick and very responsive and professional

Review Date: 07/22/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They cleaned and repaired my gutters, put a new roof on my garage, and removed my old antanna. Best Choice Roofing also replaiced all the shingles on my roof that had holes in them from the bolts that were holding the antanna up. Good Job!

Review Date: 07/21/2014 | Author: Adam C.

Comments: Very professional. tried to sell me a chimney cap for $1,800 that my handyman friedn told me is unneccesary. very good quality work and timeliness

Review Date: 07/18/2014 | Author: Cary L.

Comments: They clean my gutters and install gutters guard only had to to do them the next day because they was on order. But they came bace and did them also look on my roof for any problems

Review Date: 06/29/2014 | Author: Mary L.

Comments: They came on Sunday, after I received a my home owners insurance demand letter. They did what was required quickly to satisfy my insurance, and cleaned up after themselves. I recommend them and would use them again.

Review Date: 06/25/2014 | Author: John L.

Comments: An excellent job. They really seemed like a well experienced crew.. . I would gladly recomend this company. When the job was complete the cleanup was so good you wouldn't think anybody was here working

Review Date: 06/13/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very prompt,punctual,and professional

Review Date: 06/10/2014 | Author: Cam B.

Comments: Quick response, good job

Review Date: 06/06/2014 | Author: James W.

Comments: Best Choice called within a few minutes on a Sunday after I filled out a request form through Home Advisors to have some shingles repaired. They came to my house the following day at the time we agreed on. I asked them for their work license which they showed me without any hesitation. They looked over the roof and said we can repair your roof right now on the spot. We were delighted that they were able to do it so quickly. They did a fantastic and meticulous job. They even resealed my vent pipes and checked the plywood underneath to make sure there was no water damage. The price was fair.

Review Date: 05/03/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very polite. Willing to discuss project and price. Worked quickly. Great job.

Review Date: 05/01/2014 | Author: Michael M.

Comments: The work was prompt, of high quality and the job clean-up was excellent.

Review Date: 04/29/2014 | Author: Frances P.

Comments: Very professional.... Great job

Review Date: 04/16/2014 | Author: Ove D.

Comments: They cleaned everything after they were complete, and completed the project when they said they would. Eddie was a pleasure to talk to and I was very happy with their installer Angel who was very professional.

Review Date: 04/09/2014 | Author: Linda I.

Comments: Hired them on the spot. Great price, honest guys, good job...well done!

Review Date: 04/03/2014 | Author: Rich T.

Comments: Great service.

Review Date: 03/24/2014 | Author: Mr L.

Comments: I am very happy with the work that was done on my roof. The estimate was very fair in comparison to the others. They were very informative and honest. My roof repair was professionally done. I highly recommend their service. i was given a 10 year guarantee on my repair. 5 stars!

Review Date: 03/19/2014 | Author: Daniel L.

Comments: Eddie and his crew have done a wonderful job. I would not hesitate to recommend his company to anyone.

Review Date: 02/25/2014 | Author: Charla J.

Comments: The work was done within 2 hours and they cleaned up after themselves. I am very happy with the work they did.

Review Date: 01/08/2014 | Author: Mj B.

Comments: Project was a complete roof replacement , chimney reline including new crown, caps and pointing and new gutters. Workmanship was superb, efficient and professional..

Review Date: 01/08/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The work that they did was good. I had a few concerns with the estimate and payment methods they take. The estimate did not include an itemized breakdown of the charges. They are not able to take credit card payment on the weekends but did not tell that until they finished the job on a Sunday.

Review Date: 11/23/2013 | Author: John B.

Comments: They tried to sell me on a whole,e new gutter when I knew that the present one could be repaired with proper brackets.

Review Date: 11/19/2013 | Author: Charles H.

Comments: Great job! Fast, polite and professional.

Review Date: 11/10/2013 | Author: Norma B.

Comments: Fast, efficient, courteous and professional.

Review Date: 11/04/2013 | Author: Henry G.

Comments: best choice techs eddie and barah did an excellent job replacing my roof and 2 skylights. the price quoted was great compared to their competitors. and most important no extra or hidden cost. price quoted was same after completion of work. i went with best choice because of their presentation and character. i would refer them to everybody excellent work and cleanup.

Review Date: 10/11/2013 | Author: Samuel & nicole S.

Comments: The number one best ever!